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clean the bedroom是什么意思,clean the bedroom在线翻译,clean the bedroom什么意思,clean the bedroom音标,clean the bed

clean the bedroom

clean the bedroom 双语例句

1. She collected her besom, her bucket, and her soap, and as soon as Howl was out of the door, she set off like an elderly avenging angel to clean Howl`s bedroom.

2. clean the bedroom

2. Do you know, Blen, it seems that you haven't air the bedroom and clean bathroom.

3. I must clean my bedroom with the dush collector.

4. New bought a one likes to books, paper-based is kind of the Special is important to keep them lightly pico yellowed's original health certificate is the disguise of dictionary on a leash, and the light-blue hardware binders, is a share greatly windows the bedroom, blue-the floret shrug it off on a wooden the old on the floor, , streak 兰 masked whip up kicks exposed below a pure-white bed-linen, Pan Hu Hu the two big pillows rely on together, on one of the walls arbitrarily hung simple Photo Frame, the visibility of window, to clean the weather, the bluer sky and white-yun, the Green tree, there in sight for the garbageman Rope 松松, scattered and, scattered and Da Zhe the clothing, a pair of Silver SHOES IN, slender shoelace Shuan-in Rope, Feng Er Qingbai......

5. I very listen to my teacher in the school. I very Listen to my mother and fathes in the home. Always do my homework at the home. or help clean the home. Befor go to school, I help my mothes make a lunch. After dines I dry the dishes about ten minutes. I clean my bedroom on Sanday for about thirty minute. Rest time have fun with my friends.

6. I locked her bedroom door and went to the kitchen to clean myself up.

7. A:Oh, your room is very dirty and unorderly, can you clean the bedroom?

8. The room was exceptionally spacious and clean with all the mod cons including plasma screens in the bedroom and the separate living area!

9. clean the bedroom是什么意思

9. This kind of clean floricultural does not have type of cubic meter of earth, already included Shanghai popular science the new item of next community today, become bedroom floricultural new style gradually, and more and more suffer people love.

10. clean the bedroom的解释

10. The rent on their one-bedroom flat is paid for by the taxpayer, and a carer comes twice daily to clean and help Mr Beer dress, but the taxpayer pays the & # 163; 8, 000-a-year cost.

11. After Larry's wife found the woman's underwear in their bedroom, Larry decided to make a clean breast of it and tell his wife about the affair.

12. Who will clean up the cat's mess in the bedroom?

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13. I have to dump out the dust bunny every time I clean the bedroom.

14. Later, I had to help my mom clean the bedroom.

15. clean the bedroom

15. I have been asked to clean the bedroom.

16. Can you help me clean the bedroom?

17. I was going to clean my bedroom the next month.

18. He said he would clean his bedroom the next day.

19. Should I help you clean the bedroom?

20. Will you join in with us to clean up the bedroom?

clean the bedroom 单语例句

clean the bedroom什么意思

1. Sheriff's office spokeswoman Debbie Carter said the man told deputies he left the maid alone in the bedroom to clean.

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