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yesterday [ˈjestədeɪ]  [ˈjestərdeɪ] 


yesterday 基本解释


名词昨天; 往昔; <正式>过去

副词在昨天,在昨日; 近来


yesterday 反义词




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yesterday 相关例句


1. I was not born yesterday.

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2. He left for France yesterday.

3. It seems as if that had happened only yesterday.


1. yesterday

1. Recalling cheerful yesterdays cheered the lady.

2. yesterday的反义词

2. It was very hot yesterday.

3. yesterday的翻译

3. Yesterday was my birthday.

yesterday 情景对话


A:Good afternoon. What's the trouble?


B:I've had a pretty high fever since yesterday morning.

A:Anything else?

B:Yes. I have an upset stomach.


A:I see. We'll take a good look at you.Do you have any other symptoms? Any more than those you've described?

B:No. That's about all.


A:Well, I don't think it's anything serious.

B:I'm relieved to hear that.

Hearing and Writing-(听和写)

A:Tell me about your English class, Mary.

B:Well, yesterday the teacher wrote some sentences on the board.The first was "if you can't produce the sounds of a language acceptable, then you can't really hear them when other people make them".Next he worte, "if you can't hear the sounds of a language then you probably can't write the language well.Your inadequate pronunciation contributes to making your writing substandard."


A:Do you think that's right?

B:I don't know, Bob. I'll tell you when the course is over.


A:Excuse me, could you help me?


B:Yes. What seems to be the problem?

A:Well, I was wondering if anyone has turned in a passport.

B:I'm afraid not. Have you lost your passport?

A:I think so. I can't find it anywhere in my hotel room, and I remember the last place I used it yesterday was in this department store.

B:Where exactly did you use your passport in the store?

A:In the suit-dress department. I had to show it to pay for these dresses with my traveler's checks.

B:Well, let me call the suit-dress department to see if they've found a passport.Sorry-your passport's not been turned in there, either.

A:Then what shall I do?

B:You can fill in this lost property report, and I'll keep my eye out for it. Those kinds of things usually turn up eventually, but I suggest you contact your embassy and tell them about your situation, so they can issue you a new passport in case it doesn't show up.

A:You're right. Do you have a pen?


B:Here you are.


A:Oh, I seem to lose something every time I travel.

yesterday 网络解释

1. 昨天的:rence: 在这你可以给定Pokertracker从几点开始定位新的一天的开始.有些人喜欢把从22:00到3:00的一个晚牌局(Session)算作前一天 ...Display games that were played: 建立一个自动的日期过滤.显示昨天的(Yesterday)或是今天(Toda

2. yesterday

2. 昨天(披头士):40、 YELLOW SUBMAAINE 黄色潜水艇(披头士) | 41、 YESTERDAY 昨天(披头士) | 42、 You Are My Sunshine你是我的阳光(鲍勃.迪伦)

yesterday 词典解释

1. 昨天
    You use yesterday to refer to the day before today.

    e.g. She left yesterday...
    e.g. Yesterday she announced that she is quitting her job.

2. 过去;(尤指)不久前,近日,日前
    You can refer to the past, especially the recent past, as yesterday .


    e.g. The worker of today is different from the worker of yesterday.
    e.g. ...a world without yesterdays or tomorrows.

yesterday 英英释义


1. the day immediately before today

    e.g. it was in yesterday's newspapers

2. the recent past

    e.g. yesterday's solutions are not good enough
           we shared many yesterdays


1. on the day preceding today

    e.g. yesterday the weather was beautiful

2. in the recent past
    only a short time ago

    e.g. I was not born yesterday!


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