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read [ri:d]  [ri:d] 


read 基本解释

及物/不及物动词阅读,朗读; 显示; 研究; 看得懂

及物动词阅读; 显示; 读懂,理解

名词阅读; 读书; 读物; 里德(人名)

形容词被朗读的; 博识的; 博览的; 有学问的

read 相关词组


1. read between the lines : 体会言外之意, 看出字里行间的意思;

2. read back : 重复;

3. read aloud : 朗读;

4. read out : 宣告开除, 把...读出;

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read 相关例句


1. She read his thoughts.

2. read

2. I read a good article in today's paper.

3. I read in a magazine that drinking a lot of tea could be a preventive against cancer.


1. read的解释

1. Your compositions read well.

read 情景对话


B:Do you have any plans?

A:I’m going to (watch movies/ read a book/ wash my bicycle).


B:In that class, we have to (take a test every day/ write a long paper/ read lots of books).

A:What a hard teacher!


A:What do you do in your spare time?

B:I like to play golf and badminton.

A:What do you usually do every evening?

B:I just like to sleep like a lazy cat.

A:What’s your favorite hobby?

B:My favorite sport is tennis.

A:Do you like to read books?

B:I enjoy reading so much that I always read in a quiet afternoon with a cup of good coffee.

A:By the way, would you like to see movies.


B:That’s OK.

read 网络解释

1. 911查询·英语单词

1. 读文件:(3)假定文件系统提供的文件操作有建立文件(CREATE)、打开文件(OPEN)、关闭文件(CLOSE)、读文件(READ)、写文件(WRITE)、和撤消文件(DELETE). 在模拟程序中可从键盘上输入文件操作命令来模拟各用户程序中所调用的各种文件操作,

2. read:r; 读

3. read的反义词

3. read:real – time electronic access and display system; 实时电子存取与显示系统(美国飞歌公司研制)

read 词典解释

The form read is pronounced /riːd/ when it is the present tense, and /red/ when it is the past tense and past participle. read 作现在式时读作/riːd/,作过去式和过去分词时读作 /red/。

1. 读;阅读;理解;看懂
    When you read something such as a book or article, you look at and understand the words that are written there.

    e.g. Have you read this book?...
    e.g. I read about it in the paper...

2. 朗读;出声读;念出
    When you read a piece of writing to someone, you say the words aloud.


    e.g. Jay reads poetry so beautifully...
    e.g. I like it when she reads to us...

3. 读书,阅读(能力)
    People who can read have the ability to look at and understand written words.

    e.g. He couldn't read or write...
    e.g. He could read words at 18 months.

4. 读,识(乐谱)
    If you can read music, you have the ability to look at and understand the symbols that are used in written music to represent musical sounds.


    e.g. Later on I learned how to read music.

5. (电脑)读取(文件或文档)
    When a computer reads a file or a document, it takes information from a disk or tape.


    e.g. How can I read a Microsoft Excel file on a computer that only has Works installed?

6. 写着;标着
    You can use read when saying what is written on something or in something. For example, if a notice reads 'Entrance', the word 'Entrance' is written on it.

    e.g. The sign on the bus read 'Private: Not In Service'.

7. (文章)读起来…
    If you refer to how a piece of writing reads, you are referring to its style.


    e.g. The book reads like a ballad...
    e.g. It reads very awkwardly.

8. 令人愉快的读物;好书(或杂志)
    If you say that a book or magazine is a good read, you mean that it is very enjoyable to read.

    e.g. Ben Okri's latest novel is a good read.

9. 理解;解读
    If something is read in a particular way, it is understood or interpreted in that way.


    e.g. The play is being widely read as an allegory of imperialist conquest...
    e.g. South Africans were praying last night that he has read the situation correctly...

10. 看得出,读懂,看透(想法或心思)
      If you read someone's mind or thoughts, you know exactly what they are thinking without them telling you.


      e.g. As if he could read her thoughts, Benny said, 'You're free to go any time you like.'

11. 理解;读懂;了解
      If you can read someone or you can read their gestures, you can understand what they are thinking or feeling by the way they behave or the things they say.


      e.g. If you have to work in a team you must learn to read people...
      e.g. Under the shaded light her expression was difficult to read.

12. (无线通讯用语)听到
      If someone who is trying to talk to you with a radio transmitter says, 'Do you read me?', they are asking you if you can hear them.

      e.g. Alpha-Bravo-Zulu 643 to Saltezar, do you read me? Over...
      e.g. We read you loud and clear. Over.

13. 读(表);记下(仪表上的数字)
      When you read a measuring device, you look at it to see what the figure or measurement on it is.


      e.g. When officials like gas and electricity men call to read the meter, ask for identification...
      e.g. It is essential that you are able to read a thermometer.

14. (仪器)标明,显示
      If a measuring device reads a particular amount, it shows that amount.

      e.g. The thermometer read 105 degrees Fahrenheit...
      e.g. The fuel gauge reads below zero.

15. 攻读;专修
      If you read a subject at university, you study it.


      e.g. She read French and German at Cambridge University...
      e.g. He is now reading for a maths degree at Surrey University.

in AM, use 美国英语用 major, study

16. 完全相信;把…当作真理
      If you take something as read, you accept it as true or right and therefore feel that it does not need to be discussed or proved.


      e.g. We took it as read that he must have been a KGB agent...
      e.g. The case for aid to eastern Europe is taken as read.

17. see also: reading
      to read between the lines -> see line

相关词组:read intoread outread up on

read 英英释义


1. something that is read

    e.g. the article was a very good read


1. make sense of a language

    e.g. She understands French
           Can you read Greek?

    Synonym: understandinterprettranslate

2. be a student of a certain subject

    e.g. She is reading for the bar exam

    Synonym: learnstudytake

3. to hear and understand

    e.g. I read you loud and clear!

4. interpret something in a certain way
    convey a particular meaning or impression

    e.g. I read this address as a satire
           How should I take this message?
           You can't take credit for this!

    Synonym: take

5. interpret something that is written or printed

    e.g. read the advertisement
           Have you read Salman Rushdie?

6. look at, interpret, and say out loud something that is written or printed

    e.g. The King will read the proclamation at noon

7. interpret the significance of, as of palms, tea leaves, intestines, the sky
    also of human behavior

    e.g. She read the sky and predicted rain
           I can't read his strange behavior
           The fortune teller read his fate in the crystal ball

8. obtain data from magnetic tapes

    e.g. This dictionary can be read by the computer

    Synonym: scan

9. indicate a certain reading
    of gauges and instruments

    e.g. The thermometer showed thirteen degrees below zero
           The gauge read `empty'

    Synonym: registershowrecord

10. audition for a stage role by reading parts of a role

    e.g. He is auditioning for `Julius Caesar' at Stratford this year

11. have or contain a certain wording or form

      e.g. The passage reads as follows
             What does the law say?

      Synonym: say


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