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far [fɑ:(r)]  [fɑr] 

比较级:farther; further最高级:farthest; furthest

far 基本解释

副词久远地; (问到或谈及距离时说)有多远; 到很远距离; 到很大程度

形容词远的; 遥远的; (某方向的)最远的; 远端的



far 同义词

副词a great dealmuch


far 反义词




far 相关词组


1. how far : (离...)多远;

2. far and away : 无疑地;

3. far be it from me : 我决不会(认为...);

4. by far : 显然;

5. as far as : 远到, 至于, 就...而言;

6. far and near : 远近, 到处;

7. far and wide : 到处, 广泛地;

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far 相关例句


1. He lived on the far side of the hill.

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2. He lives on the far bank of the river.


1. Your remarks are far afield.

2. far是什么意思

2. They went far into the forest to pursue the wounded bear.

far 情景对话


A:How about going swimming?

B:OK. Where should we go?

A:Why don't we go down to the pool? It's not too far from here.

B:Fine. I'll be ready in a minute.


A:Excuse me, but could you tell me if this bus goes to the National History Museum?

B:No, it doesn’t. There’s no through bus to the National History Museum, madam.

A:I see. Where do I have to change then?

B:You can transfer at Fuchengmen.


A:How far is it?

B:Well, it’s only three stops from here.
      哦,离这儿仅有3 站路。


A:I see. Thanks a lot.


B:You’re welcome.

At the dentist’s-(看牙医)

A:I have a terrible toothache.


B:Which tooth is it?


A:(Pointing) This one here.


B:Ah, yes. There’s a big cavity.

A:Can you fill it?

B:I’m afraid not. The tooth is too far gone. It’ll have to be taken out.

A:Then I might as well have it out now.

B:You’d better wait. The gums are swollen. Take the medicine I prescribe and come back in three days.

far 网络解释

1. far的反义词

1. 遥远的:Bush(美国总统布什)推着(push)拉着(pull)一头bull(公牛)去bush(灌木丛)里面;给一头亲爱的(dear)的熊(bear)一个pear,结果它感动的流泪(tear他在他妈妈温暖的(warm)胳膊(arm)里面睡觉,后来战争(war)来了,他们去了遥远的(far)的(army)军队农场(farm),

2. 容积率:容积率(far)是指某一地块上指定性质建筑面积总和与地块面积的比值. 它直观地反映了该地的土地开发强度. 修建性规划作为一种城市规划工作方法,近年来已被广为应用和推广,如广州市的分区规划、深圳市的法定图则等.

3. far:false-alarm-rate; 虚警率

4. far:flour area ratio; 容积率

5. far是什么意思

5. far:frequency-agile radar; 捷变频雷达

6. far的近义词

6. far:failure aualysis report; 故障分析报告

7. ahead of:We were encouraged by the encouraging news.我们对这个令人鼓舞的消息所鼓励. | 18. ahead of...在...之前,领先,其前面可用well,far,等修饰 | ahead of time 提前

far 词典解释

Far has two comparatives, farther and further, and two superlatives, farthest and furthest. Farther and farthest are used mainly in sense 1, and are dealt with here. Further and furthest are dealt with in separate entries.
far 有两个比较级 farther 和 further,两个最高级 farthest 和 furthest。farther 和 farthest 主要用于义项 1,下文将予以说明。further 和 furthest 将另立词条予以说明。

1. 远;遥远地
    If one place, thing, or person is far away from another, there is a great distance between them.

    e.g. I know a nice little Italian restaurant not far from here...
    e.g. They came from as far away as Florida...

2. (用于问及距离或位置)有多远,远至
    If you ask how far a place is, you are asking what distance it is from you or from another place. If you ask how far someone went, you are asking what distance they travelled, or what place they reached.

    e.g. How far is Pawtucket from Providence?...
    e.g. How far is it to Malcy?...

3. (同一处的两物)离得较远的,那一边的
    When there are two things of the same kind in a place, the far one is the one that is a greater distance from you.


    e.g. He had wandered to the far end of the room...
    e.g. A narrow steep path leads down into a valley and up the far side.

4. (某个方向上)最远的,最…端的
    You can use far to refer to the part of an area or object that is the greatest distance from the centre in a particular direction. For example, the far north of a country is the part of it that is the greatest distance to the north.


    e.g. I've spent a lot of time walking around Britain from the far north of Scotland down to Cornwall...
    e.g. I wrote the date at the far left of the blackboard.

5. (时间或事件)久,远
    A time or event that is far away in the future or the past is a long time from the present or from a particular point in time.

    e.g. ...hidden conflicts whose roots lie far back in time...
    e.g. I can't see any farther than the next six months...

6. (用于谈及程度或范围)到…程度(或范围)
    You can use far to talk about the extent or degree to which something happens or is true.

    e.g. How far did the film tell the truth about Barnes Wallis?...
    e.g. But it is not clear how far they could help with the work on a power plant.

7. (用于谈及进展)到…程度,到…阶段
    You can talk about how far someone or something gets to describe the progress that they make.

    e.g. Discussions never progressed very far...
    e.g. Think of how far we have come in a little time...

8. (用于谈论行为)过分到,过分得
    You can talk about how far a person or action goes to describe the degree to which someone's behaviour or actions are extreme.


    e.g. It's still not clear how far the Russian parliament will go to implement its own plans...
    e.g. Competition can be healthy, but if it is pushed too far it can result in bullying...

9. (用于表示在多大程度上赞成)我可不那样认为/我这样认为
    You can use far in expressions like 'I wouldn't go that far' and 'I would go so far' to indicate to what extent you agree with something.


    e.g. 'Does it sound like music?' — 'I wouldn't go that far.'...
    e.g. I would go so far as to say it's positively neurotic.

10. (比较时用作强调)…得多,非常,太
    You can use far to mean 'very much' when you are comparing two things and emphasizing the difference between them. For example, you can say that something is far better or far worse than something else to indicate that it is very much better or worse. You can also say that something is, for example, far too big to indicate that it is very much too big.


    e.g. Women who eat plenty of fresh vegetables are far less likely to suffer anxiety or depression...
    e.g. The police say the response has been far better than expected...

11. (政治观点)极端的,偏激的
      You can describe people with extreme left-wing or right-wing political views as the far left or the far right.

      e.g. The far right is now a greater threat than the extreme left...
      e.g. Anti-racist campaigners are urging the Government to ban all far-Right groups.

12. (用于表示不太确信)据我所知/就我记得的
      You can use far in expressions like 'as far as I know' and 'so far as I remember' to indicate that you are not absolutely sure of the statement you are about to make or have just made, and you may be wrong.


      e.g. It only lasted a couple of years, as far as I know...
      e.g. So far as I am aware, no proper investigation has ever been carried out into the subject.

Far is used in negative sentences and questions about distance, but not usually in affirmative sentences. If you want to state the distance of a particular place from where you are, you can say that it is that distance away. ...Durban, which is over 300 kilometres away. If a place is very distant, you can say that it is a long way away, or that it is a long way from another place. It is a long way from London... Anna was still a long way away.
far 表示距离时用于否定句和疑问句,一般不用于肯定句。如要表示某处离得有多远,可说 ... away。例如,Durban, which is over 300 kilometres away (德班,距此超过 300 公里)。如某处距离很远,可用 a long way away 或 a long way from。例如, It is a long way from London (这儿离伦敦很远),Anna was still a long way away (安娜仍在很远的地方)。

13. (比较时用作强调)显然,…得多,大大地
      You use the expression far and away when you are comparing something or someone with others of the same kind, in order to emphasize how great the difference is between them. For example, you can say that something is far and away the best to indicate that it is definitely the best.

      e.g. He's still far and away the best we have.

14. (比较时用作强调)显然,…得多,大大地
      You use the expression by far when you are comparing something or someone with others of the same kind, in order to emphasize how great the difference is between them. For example, you can say that something is by far the best or the best by far to indicate that it is definitely the best.

      e.g. By far the most important issue for them is unemployment...
      e.g. It was better by far to be clear-headed.

15. 根本不;远远不
      If you say that something is far from a particular thing or far from being the case, you are emphasizing that it is not that particular thing or not at all the case, especially when people expect or assume that it is.

      e.g. It was obvious that much of what they recorded was far from the truth...
      e.g. Far from being relaxed, we both felt so uncomfortable we hardly spoke...

16. (用于加强否定)远非如此,绝非这样
      You can use the expression 'far from it' to emphasize a negative statement that you have just made.


      e.g. Being dyslexic does not mean that one is unintelligent. Far from it.

17. (表示委婉地反对或批评)不是我要,不是我想
      You say far be it from me to disagree, or far be it from me to criticize, when you are disagreeing or criticizing and you want to appear less hostile.

      e.g. Far be it from me to criticise, but shouldn't their mother take a share of the blame?

18. 在一定程度上,在有限程度上(不错或正确)
      If you say that something is good as far as it goes or true so far as it goes, you mean that it is good or true only to a limited extent.


      e.g. His plan for tax relief is fine as far as it goes but will not be sufficient to get the economy moving again.

19. 前程远大;很有前途
      If you say that someone will go far, you mean that they will be very successful in their career.

      e.g. I was very impressed with the talent of Michael Ball. He will go far.

20. 病入膏肓的;无可救药的;积重难返的
      Someone or something that is far gone is in such a bad state or condition that not much can be done to help or improve them.

      e.g. In his last few days the pain seemed to have stopped, but by then he was so far gone that it was no longer any comfort...
      e.g. Many of the properties are in a desperate state but none is too far gone to save.

21. 几近正确;相差无几;仅差毫厘
      Someone or something that is not far wrong ,not far out, or not far off is almost correct or almost accurate.

      e.g. I hadn't been far wrong in my estimate...
      e.g. Robertson is not far off her target.

22. 就我看来;依我之见
      You can use the expression 'as far as I can see' when you are about to state your opinion of a situation, or have just stated it, to indicate that it is your personal opinion.


      e.g. That's the problem as far as I can see...
      e.g. As far as I can see there are only two reasons for such an action.

23. (只能到)如此程度,这个地步
      If you say that something only goes so far or can only go so far, you mean that its extent, effect, or influence is limited.

      e.g. Their loyalty only went so far...
      e.g. The church can only go so far in secular matters.

24. 迄今为止;到目前为止
      If you tell or ask someone what has happened so far, you are telling or asking them what has happened up until the present point in a situation or story, and often implying that something different might happen later.

      e.g. It's been quiet so far...
      e.g. So far, they have met with no success...

25. 目前情况良好;现在还算不错
      You can say so far so good to express satisfaction with the way that a situation or activity is progressing, developing, or happening.

      e.g. Of course, it's a case of so far, so good, but it's only one step.

26. (故事)说到这儿;(情势)到这一刻
      Thus far means up until the present point in a situation or story.

      e.g. Thus far, the two prime ministers have achieved no concrete results.

27. 四面八方;五湖四海
      If people come from far and wide, they come from a large number of places, some of them far away. If things spread far and wide, they spread over a very large area or distance.


      e.g. Volunteers came from far and wide...
      e.g. His fame spread far and wide.

28. 差不多;八九不离十
      If you say that someone won't go far wrong or can't go far wrong with a particular thing or course of action, you mean that it is likely to be successful or satisfactory.


      e.g. If you remember these three golden rules you won't go far wrong.

29. as far as I am concerned -> see concern
      a far cry from -> see cry
      in so far as -> see insofar as
      near and far -> see near

far 英英释义



1. located at a great distance in time or space or degree

    e.g. we come from a far country
           far corners of the earth
           the far future
           a far journey
           the far side of the road
           far from the truth
           far in the future

2. being of a considerable distance or length

    e.g. a far trek

3. beyond a norm in opinion or actions

    e.g. the far right

4. being the animal or vehicle on the right or being on the right side of an animal or vehicle

    e.g. the horse on the right is the far horse
           the right side is the far side of the horse


1. at or to or from a great distance in space

    e.g. he traveled far
           strayed far from home
           sat far away from each other

2. remote in time

    e.g. if we could see far into the future
           all that happened far in the past

3. to a considerable degree
    very much

    e.g. a far far better thing that I do
           felt far worse than yesterday
           eyes far too close together

4. at or to a certain point or degree

    e.g. I can only go so far before I have to give up
           how far can we get with this kind of argument?

5. to an advanced stage or point

    e.g. a young man who will go very far


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