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Sept. 基本解释


abbr.septem (Latin=seven)(拉丁语)七,七个


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Sept. 双语例句

1. Sept.在线翻译

1. It was quite a job to identify the bodies after the Sept. 11 attack.

2. It was quite a job to identify the bodies after the Sept.

3. Dies Sept. 9 in BeijingPoet, revolutionary, genius and bumbler, the founder of the People's Republic
    第一次见到毛泽东时我还是个10 多岁的孩子。1950 年10 月,毛泽东在中南海

4. But this week, even the ever patient Wen must be wishing that someone else could take up his role as Beijing's mollifier in chief. On Sept.

5. We are making you the following offer, subject to your reply reaching here on or before Sept.

6. Today is Sept 17th, I`ve officially been in the US of A for a month now.

7. Sept.的近义词

7. Dita von Teese attended a charity event in Milan Sept. 29, 2009, wearing a pink satin dress and red lipstick.

8. However, Marquez is every bit as proud as Mayweather, and unlike the 1996 U. S. Olympian, he has an entire nation rooting for his victory on Sept. 19 (which falls on Mexican Independence Day weekend).

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9. Jul.2006-Sept.2006, Join rebuilding and repairing construction of atmospheric pressure unit in Huabei petrochemical corporation, act as piping engineer and in charge of hydro test work.

10. Regardless of what Fashion`s Night Out, the citywide promotion Sept. 10, did for retailers` spread sheets, there is no doubting that it provided city mice an excuse to shine up in their `80s glad rags and high-degree-of-difficulty platforms and, thus attired, to disport themselves.

11. Hey hope all is well...so listen just to keep you in the loop for hiphop. sept 11th beatjunkies vs the beat minerz, that will be insane at the echoplex.

12. A young woman's picture is surrounded by umbrellas as friends and relatives of the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks gather for a commemoration ceremony at Zuccotti Park, adjacent to ground zero, on the eighth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Friday, Sept. 11, 2009 in New York.

13. 911查询·英语单词大全

13. Chuang Chuang, right, pushes away the lovely Miss Lin Hui, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Sept.

14. Spain ruled Mexico as part of the viceroyalty of New Spain for the next 300 years until Sept. 16, 1810, when the Mexicans first revolted.

15. Sept.

15. July to Sept: You will have a happy year and you will experience one wonderful great changes in your life.

16. Sept.

16. The Republican National Convention will be held in Minneapolis-St. Paul from Sept.

17. UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 25 -- The following is the full text of the speech delivered by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao at the General Debate of the 63rd Session of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday. China Committed to Reform and Opening-up and Peaceful Development Speech by H. E.
      新华网联合国9月24日电国务院总理温家宝当地时间24日在纽约联合国总部举行的第6 3届联合国大会一般性辩论上作了题为《坚持改革开放坚持和平发展》的发言。

18. Sept.

18. I heard that there will be a meeting held in Klang this Friday 5th Sept, where and what time I'm not sure.

19. danci.911cha.com

19. Here are some pics from last Sept after the first round of sanding priming.

20. Sept.什么意思

20. A, an=not ab, abs=away ad, a, ac, ad, af, al, an, ap, as, at=to; at ambi=both ana=up ante=before anti=against auto=self be=do bene=good cata=complete cent=hundred circum=around co, com, con=together contra=against de=down, off dec, deka=ten dia=across dis=apart duo, di, twi=two dys=bad en=make ento=inside epi=upon equi=equal eu=good ex, ec, e=out fore=ahead hetero=different holo=complete homo=same hyper=above hypo=below in, il, im, ir=inside; not infra=below inter, intel=between intra, intro=within iso=same macro=big mal=bad medi=middle mega=giant meta=change micro=small mis=wrongly mono=one multi, poly=many neo=new nona, ennea=nine ob, oc, of, op=toward oct=eight omni=all orth=straight pan=all para=beside per=through peri=around post=after pre, pri=before prin=first pro=forward quad, tetra=four quint, penta=five re=back retro=back se=apart semi, demi, hemi=half sept, hepta=seven sext, hexa=six solo=alone sub, suc, suf, sug, sum, sup, sur, sus=under super, sur=over supra=above syn, sym=same tele=far trans, tra=across tri, ter=three un, ne, non=not uni=one ultra=beyond
      成年人学英文的第一课和第二课刊出后,有数位读者写E-mail给我。有一位说道:「一篇文章的每一个单字都查到解释了,但整篇文章就是看不懂,怎麼办?」另一位说:「我的文法很差,没办法写完整的英文句子,要如何补救?」当发音和字汇都掌握住学习要领之后,剩下的就是「读」和「写」了,这才符合学习英文的正确步骤:听→说→读→写。台湾传统的学习方式由「写」开始,再「读」,然后才「说」,最后再去补救「听」力,可以说是背道而行,难怪效果不彰。那麼学习「读」的要诀是什麼呢?当然最重要的是能够了解整个句子的涵义。记得初中的时候背了很多文法规则,考试的分数虽然很高,但是对「读」的能力没有帮助。连那个时候流行的「英语九百句型」,也从来没有耐心读完过。然而我们今天能够看懂中文的文章,难道是因为我们熟悉中文的文法吗?答案是否定的。同样地,一个美国人虽然能阅读报纸,但是要求他做「英文文法分析」,他可能也会傻眼。英文的句子其实不需要去靠文法书中的规则去了解,文法书只应当作参考书,在有疑惑的时候才去查阅。平常应养成「约定成俗」的习惯,就是看别人怎麼用,然后「依样画葫芦」,日积月累,文法规则就化为无形了。因此,要训练「读」的技巧,不应该是靠文法规则,而是要多读。但是在读之前,要具备「了解句子」的基本能力,这就是我们的第三课─了解英文句子的要诀。了解英文句子的关键,在於先抓住「主词」和「动词」。看到一句很长的英文句子,不要害怕:先找主词,再找动词。动词如果是「及物动词」,再去找「受词」。主词、动词、受词之外,剩下的通通当做修饰语,有的修饰主词,有的修饰动词,有的修饰受词,有的修饰全句;任何两个完整的句子都可以用连接词连接起来。以上简单几句话,就是了解英文句子的基本观念。了解英文句子的第二步是熟悉英语的五种基本句型,其中前两种与不及物动词有关,后三种与及物动词有关。以下的句子中,用大括号表示{主词}或{受词},中括号表示,剩下的部份都是修饰语。第一种与不及物动词有关的基本句型叫做「简单不及物句型」(Intransitive Verb,简称I),请背住以下五个句子

Sept. 词典解释


Sept. 单语例句

1. The manager of a restaurant close to the center said business had never been so good since the Shenzhou VII mission began on Sept 25.

2. China's securities watchdog said share repurchase would no longer need approval on Sept 21, making it easier for listed companies to buy back their stocks.

3. Canon announced the closure of its three Chinese factories temporarily on Sept 17 but added it had no plans to abandon the China market.

4. The first flight left on Sept 25 from Lanzhou, capital of Northwest China's Gansu province.

5. The successful exercise on the Liaoning was conducted within two months of the carrier's delivery to the People's Liberation Army navy on Sept 25.

6. The police also unearthed two bodies in the cellar on Sept 6, according to the surviving victims'report.

7. US mortgage giant Freddie Mac named Bruce Witherell as its new chief operating officer, with effect from Sept 14.

8. The Lijiang government promoted civil ethics and environment protection during the campaign from Sept 19 to Sept 21.

9. According to a report in the Shanghai Morning Post, the Sanlitun Apple store closed on Sept 29 due to scalping activities.

10. Li Ning Co Ltd said on Sept 11 that it has closed its only shop in Hong Kong to focus on its mainland business.


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