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July [dʒuˈlaɪ]  [dʒʊˈlaɪ] 


July 基本解释



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July 情景对话

Getting Started-(成立公司)

A:Let's review our start-up plans. When do you think we will be able to move into our new office?

B:Well, we can move in any time after July first, but moving in and actually getting started are two different things.


A:Good point. Anyway, I have our new marketing manager, Helen Parker, helping us get set up.

B:What is she doing?

A:She's overseeing the purchase of equipment and so forth.


B:Does she have a background in that sort of thing?

A:As a matter of fact, it turns out she practically ran her last company, from marketing to finance.


B:I'm looking forward to meeting her.


A:Have you begun to investigate factories? I'm so glad we aren't going to try to run our own factory at first.


B:Yes, I've started. And I've found some good people for R and D, too. Then there are the art people designing our logos-

A:Oh, no! Millions of details: logos, slogans, letterhead, name cards . . .


B:You thought setting up a company was going to be easy?

July 网络解释

1. (名)七月:英语里的十二个月份都是用拉丁语命名的,例如:一月(January)是古罗马守护神的拉丁名,二月(February)是罗马节日的拉丁名,三月(March)是战神,四月(April)在拉丁文里是开花的季节,五月(May)及六月(June)是女神的拉丁名,七月(July)及八月(August)都是罗马皇帝的名字,

2. july:jul; 七月份

July 双语例句

1. Archbishop Gabriele Giordano Caccia was appointed apostolic nuncio to Lebanon in July. Archbishop Franco Coppola will represent the Pontiff in Burundi, and Archbishop Pietro Parolin will be nuncio in Venezuela.
    在五位接受主教职的司铎中,有两位以前是在梵蒂冈国务院做副秘书职务的佳备额尔嘎卡蒙席Gabriele Giordano Caccia被任命为教廷驻黎巴嫩的大使,伯多禄帕罗林Pietro Parolin则被任命为委内瑞拉新一任大使。

2. During July the thickets at lower elevations come into their own with the pinkish-white flowers of the rosebay rhododendron, by far more common in the park than the catawba rhododendron.

3. London, July 21: Cristiano Ronaldo has said that he finds Oasis a far better band than the Beatles.

4. I went away, you put me off, or until July 7 day off, put it on, and you can.

5. July, the housing developer can not return bank loans, the banks prosecution developers, and is prepared to exercise Mortgages, the auction houses, and who was willing to buy a house, and she submitted to the station brothers themselves up to dry.

6. LaBeouf, who was arrested for drink-driving in July 2008, says his misbehaviour made him kick the habit.

7. July 30, 2000 and the world-famous U. S. company DuPont signed a cooperative agreement, became the first area of chemical fibers from DuPont was 3 GT product of the company, DuPont is the world's first eight franchise manufacturers.

8. danci.911cha.com

8. This July, I went to the farm of Unicorn beetle with my family.

9. Between July and September 2002, we made a survey on species diversity in 7 main mangrove areas of the Leizhou Peninsula. Totally 188 kinds of benthos were digged out, among them 110 kinds belong to Mollusk, 48 kinds to Arthropods, 18 kinds to Fish, 3 kinds to Sipunculan, 8 kinds to Polychaete, and 1 kind to Brachiopoda.

10. July

10. We chose three photos, representing slightly different us in Febuary, July and November.

11. Clearfield, Utah, July 17th, 2007 - Petzl, a leading manufacturer of climbing gear and Hands-Free Lighting solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Givens as Petzl America's Sport Division Manager.
      犹他州2007年7月17日报道:Petzl在攀爬安全带及头灯的生产技术上处于世界领先地位。近日Petzl宣布任命Mark Givens为美国分公司运动部门经理。

12. Of shares Amount shares Amount HK$`000 HK$`000 Authorised: Ordinary shares of HK$1.00 each 600, 000, 000600, 000600, 000, 000600, 000 Ordinary shares, issued and fully paid: At 1 July 128, 356, 537128, 3571, 330, 309, 375133, 031 Consolidation of every ten shares of nominal value of HK$0.10 each into one share of nominal value of HK$1.00 each note (i ––(1, 166, 678, 438)– Repurchase of shares note (ii (1, 603, 000)(1, 603)(35, 274, 400)(4, 674) Share option exercised note (iii 1, 975, 0001, 975 –– Conversion of convertible notes note (iv 40, 909, 09040, 909 –– At 30 June 169, 637, 627169, 638128, 356, 537128, 357 Notes: Consolidation of share capital Pursuant to an ordinary resolution passed on 9 May 2007, the issued and unissued ordinary shares of HK$0.10 each of the Company were consolidated on the basis of every ten shares into one share of HK$1.00 each.
      GOLDEN HARVEST ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED 180 Annual Report 2008 搜索公告牛即可看到网络上最快的个股公告财务报表附注截至二零零八年六月三十日止年度 28 股本及储备二零零八年二零零七年股份数目金额股份数目金额千港元千港元法定:每股面值1.00港元之普通股 600,000,000 600,000 600,000,000 600,000 已发行及缴足之普通股:于七月一日 128,356,537 128,357 1,330,309,375 133,031 每十股面值为0.10港元之股份合并为一股面值1.00港元之股份––(1,166,678,438)–购回股份(1,603,000)(1,603)(35,274,400)(4,674)已使行购股权 1,975,000 1,975 ––兑换可换股票据 40,909,090 40,909 ––于六月三十日 169,637,627 169,638 128,356,537 128,357 附注:合并股本根据于二零零七年五月九日通过之普通决议案,本公司每股面值0.10港元之已发行及未发行普通股按每十股合并为一股面值1.00港元股份之基准合并。

13. From Guangzhou Urban Planning Bureau, the Guangzhou Railway district will be like in July this year published.

14. China's headline inflation rate for July eased to its lowest level since last September as food prices steadied, though the costs of other goods are expected to remain a concern in coming months.

15. From June 1994 to July 1998, Mr. Bentsur worked as an investment banker in NYC, most of this period at ING Barings Furman Selz.
      从1994年6月至1998年7月,Bentsur先生担任投资银行家,在纽约,大多数在此期间,霸菱福尔曼Selz 。

16. B $10, 000 for costs together with interest at 10 per cent year commencing on July 7, 1999, and

17. Methods Between October 2003 and July 2008, 12 patients with early bronchial stump fistula were recognized, and underwent CT localization chest drainage and direct vision-assisted thoracoscopic chest drainage techniques.

18. In July 2004 by the State Construction Engineering Quality Supervision, Inspection and Certification Center.

19. July的近义词

19. The plunge of $115 in the price of oil from its peak last July to its nadir in December was the most precipitous the world has ever seen.

20. Work Experience: July 2001 to Present Co., Secretary to deputy manager of marketing

July 词典解释

1. 七月
    July is the seventh month of the year in the Western calendar.


    e.g. In late July 1914, he and Violet spent a few days with friends near Berwick-upon-Tweed...
    e.g. I expect you to report for work on July the twenty-eighth.

July 单语例句

1. Meng Zhonghua is going to graduate from the University of International Business and Economics in July this year.

2. The shadow of July 23 lies too heavy across the tracks not to invoke second thoughts.

3. He was introduced to the Entrepreneurs'Organization by a business partner who joined the group last July.

4. The prosecution said the defendant opened a company that has business transaction and taxation records in July 2009.

5. Cheng said Amway was prepared to deal with zero sales growth in the current business year from July.

6. Local police found a group of workers employed by a businessman surnamed Wang digging in the reserve last July and immediately stopped them.

7. He was referring to Rebiya Kadeer, a former businesswoman of Xinjiang who many locals believed was behind the July 5 riot.

8. It was a hot July night and the usually busy runway at Hangzhou's Xiaoshan International Airport had been silent for almost an hour.

9. The statement said Hong Kong Disneyland expects a busy summer season, with three new attractions opening by early July.

10. According to a report by the Washington Post on July 25, more than 10 jail officers in Prince George of Maryland have arrest records.


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