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Feb. 双语例句

1. We have prepared the routain inspection record of the metal detecting gate and the access control system, and provided those records of Feb.

2. The CIA allegedly flew Nasr from Aviano air base in Italy across Switzerland to Ramstein air base, Germany, and then on to Cairo, Egypt, on Feb.

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3. Dear Leaders and members, I`m pleased to announce that Angel Hung got her DTM award on Feb. 03, 2010. She is the52nd DTM in D-67 and 7th DTM in this term.
    洪燕铃会友已在2010年2月3日获得本年度第 7位也是本地区总会第 52位杰出会员荣衔,更是台国语分会的第一位 DTM 。

4. Officers arrested the suspect on Feb. 10 and charged him with animalcruelty and a breach of the peace, the spokeswoman said.

5. As you know, the CFS cut off time is FEB-12, 11.00, We will arrange it in FEB-10.and then We can catch the shipt.

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6. Feb 4th 2010 | WASHINGTON, DCIn several countries more official data are being issued in raw form so that anybody can use them.

7. Methods1.1042 patients with different types respiratory diseases during Feb 2007 to Jan 2009 were selected for check.

8. Started in Feb. 2009 and Year 1 funds released by the end of quarter 1

9. Feb.的反义词

9. GM and Tengzhong had set a deadline of Jan. 31 to complete a definitive agreement. In early February, the companies said they were extending that deadline to Feb. 28, because they were still awaiting approval.

10. 911查询·英语单词

10. In early February, GM and Tengzhong said they were extending that deadline to Feb. 28, because they were still awaiting approval.

11. Large areas of Concepcion still lack power and phones after the earthquake that hit Chile's central coastal region on Feb.

12. Feb 092005: You dig youself a hole.

13. They have since seen the moonlet on multiple occasions, most recently on Feb.

14. The transportation system in Shanghai is amazing andI still could remember that when I left Shanghai on 15th Feb, 2001, there was only No1 subway was established.

15. By the China Education Daily, China Education Television's 2009 co-sponsored the annual newsmaker China Education selection results on Feb. 2 announced in Beijing and held a grand ceremony.

16. ATHENS, Feb 19 - Olympiakos Piraeus and Chelsea shared a 0-0 draw in a lacklustre Champions League first knockout round first leg at the Karaiskakis Stadium on Tuesday.

17. Feb. 8th Guard house with five beacons and watch-tower seen every 10 li

18. Feb.什么意思

18. From January 15, 2008 to Feb. 1 Shanghai stock market fell 4320 points from 5443, Wang forecast to circumvent the 1123-point adjustment, caught in the middle on January 22 for 3 consecutive days of 200-point rebound.

19. danci.911cha.com

19. The Board of Health will hold a public hearing Feb.

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Feb. 词典解释


Feb. 单语例句


1. Hong Kong will submit a bid document to the IOC by Feb 28.

2. Seven Chinese sailors had gone missing after the cargo vessel sank in stormy waters off Vladivostok on Feb 15.

3. Condemned by Emperor Claudius II for refusing to denounce his faith, he was beaten with clubs and stoned before being beheaded on Feb 14 AD 269.

4. Foreign trade authorities issued a notice to ceramics producers on Feb 10, encouraging them to respond to the investigation.

5. According to the Embassy of China in New Zealand, 14 relatives of the missing Chinese nationals had arrived in Christchurch by Feb 28.

6. UBS agreed on Feb 19 to pay $ 780 million and disclose some client names to avoid prosecution for helping wealthy Americans avoid taxes.

7. Bhutto's party went on to win the Feb 18 election and Gilani became prime minister of a coalition government.

8. Professor Lu Chaoyang said on Feb 21 here that developing practical quantum computation heavily depends on the coherent manipulation of multiple quantum states.

9. All couples dining at the hotel on Feb 14 will also receive a complimentary bottle of wine.

10. The Feb 16 program will feature Violin Concerto in E Minor by Mendelssohn, with Janine Jansen as the violinist.


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