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Mr ['mɪstə(r)]  ['mɪstər] 

Mr 基本解释


abbr.Mister 先生; Master 少爷; Mother 母亲; molecular radius 分子半径


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Mr 相关例句


1. This is Mr Brown.

Mr 情景对话


A:I have a letter of introduction here.

B:Your name, please?

A:It‘s David Chou.

B:Oh, yes, Mr. Chou. We‘ve been looking forward to this.


B:What is your strongest trait?


A:Helpfulness and caring./Adaptability and sense of humor./Cheerfulness and friendliness.


B:How would your friends or colleagues describe you?

A:They say Mr. Chen is an honest, hardworking and responsible man who deeply cares for his family and friends./They say Mr. Chen is a friendly, sensitive, caring and determined person.

B:What personality traits do you admire?


A:(I admire a person who is)honest, flexible and easy-going./(I like) people who possess the "can do" spirit.

Mr 网络解释

1. 911查询·英语单词

1. 迈瑞医疗:比方P&G,强生,做厕纸的KIMBERLY CLARK, 或者受益于经济复苏的行业,尤以在危机中股价缩水最厉害的像 花旗,通用的股票,快递业,如UPS, 也可以挑选在美上市的中国的快速成长的行业领先企业股票,如迈瑞医疗(MR), 楼宇广告寡头分

2. danci.911cha.com

2. 海上侦察:后来在50、60和70年代,第6中队继续执行海上侦察(MR)和海空救援(ASR)角色,另外还有运输支援等任务. 在这期间的绝大部分时间里,第6中队驾驶的都是B-24解放者轰炸机,这是印度空军武器清单中最老的一型飞机,

3. Mr的近义词

3. 中置后驱:又分为前置先驱动(Front engine,Front drive,简称FF,常见情势),前置后驱(FR,BMW常用情势),后置后驱(RR,跑车常用),中置后驱(MR)还有全轮驱动,以及策动机无关也不会商了策动机还有按每一缸阀门(VBLVE)数分类的,

4. Mr什么意思

4. mr:mn rate; 微核率

5. Mr的近义词

5. mr:magneto-rheology; 磁流变

6. mr:megnetic resonance; 磁共振成像

7. Mr

7. mr:magneto-resistive; 磁阻

Mr 双语例句

1. For better development in the future, Mr.*** decided to go to Britainfor further study. Our company needs high-qualified manager, so we totallyagree with his study plan and sincerely hope that Mr.*** can come backto our company for further work after finishing his study.

2. The excellent performances of Shanghai Little Companion Art troupe led by Mr. Ai Bai Ying, Secretary-General of CWI, made a stir in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne shook the local inhabitants and overseas Chinese. I can not express my feeling in words until now.

3. In 1995, Mr. and Mrs.

4. One day he was living in a stick house in the coppice, causing terror to the family of old Mr. Benjamin Bouncer.

5. Mr在线翻译

5. It leads Mr. Blank not to write verses at all—which he might very well do, for the sake of his own happiness, and for the amusement of his friends—and it leads Miss Dash to pester the overworked editors of various journals with her unsuccessful imitations of Mr. de la Mare, [2] Mr. Yeats[3], and Dr.

6. A clampdown by the army and police, with Mr Ahmadinejad brazening out his critics, would wreck the Islamic Republic`s democratic pretensions for good.

7. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

7. The fistula was characteristically found medial to the concha of the ear and parallel to...

8. Mr在线翻译

8. Mr. Peter Mascia and Dr. Lv, Yu-Ping, from CERES company, USA, visited SIPPE and gave the
    美国CERES 公司副总裁Peter Mascia 先生和吕玉平博士访问我所,并联合做了题为作物的功

9. Mr Obama has endorsed congressional plans to let it charge more to speed things up.

10. Mr

10. Here we trace the reasons of Mr.

11. Mr. Xia Chengtao's Diligent Study During His HardshipsTianfeng Ge's Diary of Ci Lyric Vol.

12. It's much harder to do as Mr.

13. Mr. Jerram recently revised his GDP forecast for the current fiscal year ending March 2010 upward to minus 3.6%, compared with minus 4% EQ2 Gold FlyFF Penya Ragnarok Zeny cheap maplestory mesos rappelz rupees dungeon fighter gold aion kinah cheap earlier.

14. Mr Smith toiled for this children's behoof.

15. I can't see any rationale of the scheme at all, Mr Justice Rogers said on the fourth day of an appeal court hearing.

16. Mr是什么意思

16. High-ranking military officers rebell against Mr.

17. Mr. Knight was, however, a full participant in the class.

18. Mr是什么意思

18. Former vice minister of the Ministry of Construction was elected president of Song Chunhua, Wangjianlin, Liuxi modules, and Zhu, 1, Xu Yan home, * Mr Valiant Taiwan, Li Confucian, Chenshijie, Chenxinghan, Yu Liang, Hu Shih, 10-person elected vice president, Zhu China as a Secretary-General.

19. Mr

19. Mr Hu denied that China was responsible for the attack on Robert Gates, the US Defence Secretary.

20. Mr Hutcheson points out that Mr Moore made more than a purely technical prediction.

Mr 词典解释

in AM, use 美国英语用 Mr.

1. 先生
    Mr is used before a man's name when you are speaking or referring to him.


    e.g. ...Mr Grant.
    e.g. ...Mr Bob Price.

2. 先生(有时加于“总统”、“主席”等职衔前,作为称谓)
    Mr is sometimes used in front of words such as 'President' and 'Chairman' to address the man who holds the position mentioned.

    e.g. Mr. President, you're aware of the system.

3. see also: Messrs
    Mr Right -> see right

Mr 单语例句

1. So give a potential Mr Right a fighting chance by going out with him for at least three dates before you make any decision.

2. The previously unknown group Armed Struggle Cells has claimed it has a British " captive " although it did not mention Mr Mann by name.

3. By Mr Right, she means a perfect combination of love and wealth.

4. These are occupied by single girls, hoping to swing into the heart of Mr Right.

5. Mr Bush's decision to call a news conference highlights his concern about the political fallout back home.

6. Together with popular rock bands The Catcher in the Rye and Mr Chelonian, the lineup is aimed at ensuring the festival caters to diverse tastes.

7. I have just administered him the oath of office, and Mr Hui will assume charge with immediate effect.

8. Mr Sneddon was also involved when Mr Jackson was accused of child abuse in 1993.

9. Mr Guha said the cleaner worked at the chimpanzee area and was on his lunch break when the tragedy happened.

10. It seems that Mr Immelt is more than willing to lend his voice to a rising chorus of foreign complainants against China's business environment.


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