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green [gri:n]  [ɡrin] 


green 基本解释

形容词绿色的; 未熟的,青春的; 未成熟的; 主张保护环境的

名词绿色蔬菜; 绿色的衣服; 植物



green 相关词组

1. in the green : 血气旺盛;

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green 相关例句


1. I own only two of those new green cleaning products.

2. She turned green when she came off the roller coaster.

3. He is a green hand.


1. green什么意思

1. They are dancing on the village green.

green 情景对话


A:What are you cooking?

B:I’m making pizza.

A:Yummy! Do you have all the ingredients you need?

B:I’ve got everything, unless you want salami on your pizza.

A:That would be good. I can run to the store and buy some. What other ingredients are you going to put on the pizza?
      那太好了, 我可以去商店买一些, 你还需要其它调料么?

B:Pizza sauce and cheese, of course. And then mushrooms, green peppers, onions, olives, and bacon.

A:Did you make the pizza crust or buy it from a store?

B:I made it from scratch.


A:Was it difficult?


B:No, I just had to mix some flour, water, and a little yeast. It’s almost ready to come out of the oven.

A:Do I have time to get the salami?

B:Yes, but be quick. I’ve just got to wash the vegetables and cut them into little pieces. And then we can add the tomato sauce and the toppings.


A:Hello, can I help you?

B:Well, I'm looking for some winter clothes for my wife.

A:Oh, it is the high time for your purchasing in our clothes shop. We are now having a pre-season sale on all our winter apparel.

B:Really? What's that?

A:Everything for winter is 20% off.

B:I think my wife may favor the sweater in the shopwindow. And would you like to aid me to look for any skirts going with this sweater?

A:Sure. We have both skirts and trousers that would go well with the sweater. Look to this section.

B:I especially like this flowery skirt. My wife must be very elegant in them.

A:You have a good taste. It is very much in style this year.


B:But I don't think the green one fits her complexion. Do you have any of those skirts in light color or tan?

A:Look on the rack to your right.

B:Oh yes. I'll take this one. Can I pay with a traveler's check?

A:It's OK.


A:I’ve got good news for you!

B:Yes, what is it?

A:I’m going to set you up on a blind date!

B:Oh, I don’t know about that. Blind dates can be awful.

A:Have you ever been on one?


A:Well, then, why don’t you just give it a try?

B:Ok, what does she look like?

A:Well, she’s got a lovely figure.


B:Is she overweight?

A:No, she’s actually quite slim. She has curly brown hair and green eyes..

B:What did you tell her about me?

A:I told her that you were tall and well-built.

B:Did you tell her that I’m bald?

A:No, but she won’t care. Some women find bald men attractive, you know.

B:Hmm, she sounds alright.


A:Just one thing. When you meet her, I think you should try to look a little less scruffy. Maybe you could shave your beard and put on a nice suit.


B:No, I think I’ll go looking like myself. If she doesn’t like who I am, then she’s not the right woman for me!

A:Suit yourself! Here’s her number.

green 网络解释

1. green的近义词

1. 绿色的:グリーン②[名/形动] 绿色的(green) 軍人(ぐんじん)○0[名] 军人 具合(ぐあい)○0[名] 情况,状况 偶然(ぐうぜん)○0[名/形动/副] 偶然,偶尔 愚痴(ぐち)○0[名/形动] (无用的)牢骚,怨言

2. 911查询·英语单词大全

2. green:global rivers environmental education network; 全球河川环境教育

green 词典解释

1. 绿;绿色
    Green is the colour of grass or leaves.

    e.g. ...shiny red and green apples...
    e.g. Yellow and green together make a pale green.

2. 长满青草的;绿油油的;碧绿的
    A place that is green is covered with grass, plants, and trees and not with houses or factories.

    e.g. Cairo has only thirteen square centimetres of green space for each inhabitant.

...the lush greenness of the river valleys.

3. 环境保护的;主张环境保护的
    Green issues and political movements relate to or are concerned with the protection of the environment.

    e.g. The power of the Green movement in Germany has made that country a leader in the drive to recycle more waste materials.

4. 有利于环境的;环保的;绿色的
    If you say that someone or something is green, you mean they harm the environment as little as possible.


    e.g. ...trying to persuade governments to adopt greener policies...
    e.g. Our children are being educated to be green in everything they do.

A Swiss company offers to help environmental investors by sending teams round factories to ascertain their greenness.

5. 绿党成员(主张环境保护)
    Greens are members of green political movements.

    e.g. The Greens see themselves as a radical alternative to the two major British political parties.

6. (高尔夫球场的)球穴区,果岭
    A green is a smooth, flat area of grass around a hole on a golf course.


    e.g. ...the 18th green.

7. (尤指城市或村庄中心的)草坪,绿地
    A green is an area of land covered with grass, especially in a town or in the middle of a village.

    e.g. ...the village green.

8. (用于有绿地或过去有绿地的地方中)
    Green is used in the names of places that contain or used to contain an area of grass.


    e.g. ...Bethnal Green.

9. 绿叶菜;青菜
      You can refer to the cooked leaves of vegetables such as spinach or cabbage as greens .


      e.g. Eat your greens.

10. 未熟的;青的;生的
      You can describe fruit and vegetables as green when they are unripe and not ready to be eaten.

      e.g. Pick and ripen any green fruits in a warm dark place.

11. 缺乏经验的;不成熟的;幼稚的
      If you say that someone is green, you mean that they have had very little experience of life or a particular job.

      e.g. He was a young lad, very green, very immature.

12. 非常嫉妒的;眼红的
      If you say that someone is green with envy, you mean that they are very envious indeed.

13. 高超的园艺技能
      If someone has green fingers, they are very good at gardening and their plants grow well.

      e.g. You don't need green fingers to fill your home with lush leaves.

in AM, use 美国英语用 a green thumb

14. to give someone the green light -> see light

green 英英释义


1. street names for ketamine

    Synonym: Kjetsuper acidspecial Khoney oilcat valiumsuper C

2. green color or pigment
    resembling the color of growing grass

    Synonym: greennessviridity

3. any of various leafy plants or their leaves and stems eaten as vegetables

    Synonym: greensleafy vegetable

4. an area of closely cropped grass surrounding the hole on a golf course

    e.g. the ball rolled across the green and into the bunker

    Synonym: putting greenputting surface

5. a piece of open land for recreational use in an urban area

    e.g. they went for a walk in the park

    Synonym: parkcommonscommon


1. turn or become green

    e.g. The trees are greening


1. of the color between blue and yellow in the color spectrum
    similar to the color of fresh grass

    e.g. a green tree
           green fields
           green paint

    Synonym: greenishlight-greendark-green

2. not fully developed or mature
    not ripe

    e.g. unripe fruit
           fried green tomatoes
           green wood

    Synonym: unripeunripenedimmature

3. naive and easily deceived or tricked

    e.g. at that early age she had been gullible and in love

    Synonym: fleeceablegullible

4. looking pale and unhealthy

    e.g. you're looking green
           green around the gills

5. concerned with or supporting or in conformity with the political principles of the Green Party


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