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cheap [tʃi:p]  [tʃip] 


cheap 基本解释


形容词便宜的,廉价的; 劣质的,低劣的; 小气的,可鄙的

副词便宜地; 卑鄙地

cheap 相关词组

1. on the cheap : 便宜地;

2. feel cheap : 感到惭愧, 觉得身体不舒服;

3. dirt cheap : adj, adv 非常便宜的(地), 毫无价值的(地);

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cheap 相关例句


1. cheap

1. A bicycle is much cheaper than a car.

2. Talk is cheap.

3. These stocks looked cheap and nasty to me.

4. The coat may be expensive but looks cheap.


1. cheap的近义词

1. I was very lucky to get the book so cheap.

cheap 情景对话

Shopping on the Internet-(网上购物)


B:I really want to go to China for vacation, but I can’t find a cheap plane ticket.

A:Have you tried the Internet?

B:No, not yet. Can you find a good price there?

A:Wow, you really live in the Stone Age, Mom.

B:Well, you don’t have to be mean. How do I do it?

A:Go to yahoo.com and click on “Travel” and “Tickets.” They’ll be about a billion sites to look at.
      上雅虎网站,点击“旅游”和 “车票”。就有成千上万的网站供你查找的。


B:O.K. Thanks. I’ll let you know what I find.


A:All right.


B:I’ll look for a ticket for you, too. Thanks.

Living an Independent Life-(独立生活)

A:Mom, I want to move out.

B:Hey, sounds great to me, kid. What kind of job did you find?



B:Yes, job. If you’re going to live on your own, you have to pay for rent and everything else.

A:I thought I could just get you and Dad to pay for an apartment. I found a cheap one.


B:When you move out, your father and I aren’t paying your rent, young man. Get a job.


A:You’re right. If I’m going to live on my own, I have to be independent.

B:Well, the newspaper is over there. Look in the want ads, but I don’t know what you’re going to find without a college degree.

cheap 网络解释

1. 便宜的:率增加4% 便宜的(Cheap) 伤害平衡减少2-8% 猎驴者(Donkey Hunters) 最大伤害减少4-6 D级释放卷轴 赝品(Imitation) 平衡减少8-13% 破裂的(Cracked) 暴击减少3% 驯猪者(Pig Tamers) 最小伤害减少3-4 猎猪者(Pig Hunters) 最大伤害减少6-9 蛇(Snake) 等级4以上最小伤害增加1最大伤害增加1-2 天鹅召唤者(Swan Summoners) 等级12

2. cheap的意思

2. 宜的:击率增加4%便宜的(Cheap) 伤害平衡减少2-8%猎驴者(D Hunter's) 最大伤害减少4-6赝品(Imitation) 平衡减少8-13%破裂的(Cracked) 暴击减少3%驯猪者(Pig Tamer's) 最小伤害减少3-4猎猪者(Pig Hunter's) 最大伤害减少6-9蛇(Snake) 等级4以上最小伤害增加1最大伤害增加1-2天鹅召唤者(Swan Summoner's) 等级12以上

3. 平:有得卖平 (cheap) 得来又够平(flat)的脚架?有得卖平 (cheap) 得来又够平(flat)的脚架?有得卖平 (cheap) 得来又够平(flat)的 ...

cheap 词典解释

1. 便宜的;不贵的
    Goods or services that are cheap cost less money than usual or than you expected.

    e.g. I'm going to live off campus if I can find somewhere cheap enough...
    e.g. Smoke detectors are cheap and easy to put up...

It will produce electricity more cheaply than a nuclear plant.
The cheapness and simplicity of the design makes it ideal for our task.

2. 不值钱的;质次价低的
    If you describe goods as cheap, you mean they cost less money than similar products but their quality is poor.

    e.g. Don't resort to cheap copies; save up for the real thing.
    e.g. ...a tight suit made of some cheap material.

3. (劳动力)廉价的
    If you describe the cost of someone's work as cheap, you disapprove of the way people are taking advantage of a situation to pay someone less than they should for the work that they do.

    e.g. ...unscrupulous employers who treat children as a cheap source of labour.

4. (言行)讨便宜的,刻薄的,不怀好意的
    If you describe someone's remarks or actions as cheap, you mean that they are unkindly or insincerely using a situation to benefit themselves or to harm someone else.

    e.g. These tests will inevitably be used by politicians to make cheap political points.

5. 吝啬的;小气的
    If you describe someone as cheap, you are criticizing them for being unwilling to spend money.


    e.g. Oh, please, Dad, just this once don't be cheap.

6. 人命不值钱;人命如草芥
    You use life is cheap or life has become cheap to refer to a situation in which nobody cares that large numbers of people are dying.

    e.g. We will end up living in a society where life is cheap.

7. 便宜第一;节省地
    If someone does or buys something on the cheap, they spend less money than they should because they are more concerned with what it costs than with its quality.

    e.g. Most modern housing estates are terrible and inevitably done on the cheap.

cheap 英英释义



1. relatively low in price or charging low prices

    e.g. it would have been cheap at twice the price
           inexpensive family restaurants

    Synonym: inexpensive

2. embarrassingly stingy

    Synonym: chinchychintzy

3. of very poor quality

    Synonym: bumcheesychintzycrummypunksleazytinny

4. tastelessly showy

    e.g. a flash car
           a flashy ring
           garish colors
           a gaudy costume
           loud sport shirts
           a meretricious yet stylish book
           tawdry ornaments

    Synonym: brassyflashflashygarishgaudygimcrackloudmeretricioustackytattytawdrytrashy


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