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music class

music class 双语例句

1. music class的意思

1. It`s 8:30. It`s time for music class.

2. He found the art of music narrowed to the pastime of a special class of society.

3. music class的翻译

3. He found the art of music narrowed to the pastime of a special class of society. He make it broadly human

4. The famous poet Li Bai and Tang Dynasty palace at the time for division of the Laoshan travel far and wide together with Li Jun, Qu Pai's court music to the Laoshan Taoist Tai Qinggong become Taiqing Gong has used the class as early as Yun Qu Pai, which have proved Laoshan Tang Dynasty....

5. music class

5. On account of keeping your elder brother`s company while he was having the violin class, you fell in love with music.
    的意思是因为陪哥哥上小提琴课的缘故,你爱上了音乐。keep sb's company是陪伴某人的意思。

6. music class

6. However, after the curriculum reform, we have much time of our own. Therefore, the school provides us with many. after-class activities, such as playing badminton, doing eurhythmics, enjoying music and so on.

7. I think it is sufficient for the school to open an ordinary music theory class.

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8. Looking forward to the young people of the world-class singers bring to the top of the music feast!

9. Students carry small radios with earphones and listen to music before class, after class, and at lunch.

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10. In this article the writer presents the concept of diverse-activity-oriented teaching mode, that means in class, we can, in fact, focus on music, simple choreographic action, games, tournaments, painting and other interesting methods, so that the students will be more concentrated.

11. I`ll go to my music class.

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12. I ` m going to music class!

13. music class是什么意思

13. JENNY: I ` m going to music class. It ` s one of my favourites!

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14. We can listen to music in the music class.

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15. I`m going to my music class first.

16. I'm going to my music class first.

17. Nowadays, to students who are confronted all kinds of music works in their music practice, learning traditional music in Solfege class is far from enough to meet their need in understanding the complicated music phenomena.

18. music class的解释

18. In the second part of the class James Tichenor made a presentation giving a brief overview of generative systems in electronic music.
      课程的第二部分James Tichenor简报在电子音乐中的衍生式系统。

19. This thesis is a conclusion of leading-in ways, which is resulted from my teaching experience in a junior middle school and new textbook Go For It (2A). It introduces four common leading-in ways in English class teaching:(1) The intuitional method of teaching; (2) Free talks; (3) Music Appreciation; (4) Background knowledge.
      本文结合人民教育出版社八年级英语教材Go For It,总结教育实习经验,介绍了四种常用的英语课堂导入的方法:(1)直观导入法;(2)自由谈话导入法;(3)音乐欣赏导入法;(4)背景知识导入法。

20. music class

20. I`m going tomy music class first.

music class 单语例句

1. Li continued his music education in Germany, also graduating from the Munich Conservatory of Music with a master class diploma in 1998.

2. He personally attended five lessons including geography and music in the morning together with a class of students.

3. In a recent study by Keele University, 64% of boys and 70% of girls said they enjoy music lessons as a class.

4. China's middle class sees classical music as a status symbol, though it may not really understand it.

5. Wang graduated with first class honors from Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2003, and proceeded to study composition at the Cologne Academy of Music in Germany.

6. Spalding in a combo class at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and took her on tour.

7. Accompanied by disco music, there's also a dance performance that resembles a gym aerobics class.

8. What else do China's middle class talk about besides classical music, housing and the stock market?

9. Classical music made him a first class pianist but failed to satisfy him creatively.

10. American soprano Renee Fleming discovered Shenyang in 2007, when Fleming was teaching a master class at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

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