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TV room

TV room 双语例句

1. TV room

1. In the front of the room there is a TV set.

2. Each room is equipped with a 32 inch LCD TV set to protect your vision.

3. He kept his trophies on a shelf in the TV room, and enjoyed showing them, but with typical self-deprecation.

4. TV room

4. At present, the company with the industry's best TV drama early in equipment, and many sets of professional late HD, standard definition non-linear editing system equipment, digital recording studios, as well as the late Synthesis room to meet different cast, film and television creative units high Quality late complete dissemination.

5. TV room是什么意思

5. I hv one in my living room and always use it when watching TV.

6. Rooms- We stayed in 2 rooms, 1st room with very comfy king sized bed with foam on top of mattress, 2nd room for our 2 daughters with no foams which were too firm for them, both rooms were roomy, liked the flat screen TV, the bathrooms with glass walls were clean with amenities (comb, toothbrush, tooth paste, shampoo, the basics), there were shades if you need privacy, FREE wifi which was very unusual to get with the price we paid for.

7. An old man and a group of children were sitting in the room watching TV.
    句子的主语是由并列连词and 连接的两个名词,因此需要使用复数动词were。

8. Required by you, we come to fix TV set for your room.

9. TV room的反义词

9. For your request, We come to fix the TV set in you room.

10. The United States and Macao cabinets covered a total of eight series: Series wardrobe (the wardrobe into the wall, the overall style wardrobe, support tank top-style wardrobe and wardrobe bookcase series; computer table series; cloakroom series (no corner cloakroom, has the corner cloakroom door and open cloakroom super sliding door series; living room matching series (including the entrance counter, between the Office of cabinets, wine cabinets, TV cabinet, shoe) bedroom matching series (bed, bedside cabinets, bed end stool, dressing table, dressing stool, bucket counter there are office support series, commercial Showcase series.

11. TV room

11. Gymnastical center is digitlized in community, fitness person still can follow the famous fitness coach in big screen to learn a movement in drill room, distinction carries drill at looking at the education in TV, can communicate in real time through network video between the student here and coach interactive.

12. I'll have a telephone and a TV in my room.

13. In clinical routine the light in the reporting room is dimmed to a level that equals the light in a living-room in the evening when one watches TV.

14. AC, shower/bathroom, TV, telephone, attach/public kitchen, microwave, attach/public refrigerator, electric boiler, living room for suit rooms

15. Many families living space is narrow problems and how to become a wide space, the expert will: TV and sofa position twinning Kok will be the most remote, that is not based on the traditional general television, Sharon placed in the living room Central, but were placed on the living room corner, the corner office Thus, sofa and television will become the space farthest away from the oblique line distance between a recent issue resolved.

16. European-style room with sofa, surfing bathtub, large screen color TV, air conditioning, vertical water dispenser, international and domestic direct dial telephone facilities, the second floor has a capacity of 500 people at the same time meet the multi-purpose dining or banquet hall, Chinese and Western Restaurant, bowling alley, beauty gym, karaoke bars and dance halls, etc. OK facilities, is a collection of accommodation, catering, entertainment, business as one integrated tourism hotel, is your tourism, business meetings, entertainment, leisure the ideal place to stay.

17. It has many elegant and comfortable room all equipped with close-circuit satellite TV and central air-conditioner.

18. The internet access computers, bar, barbecue area, reading room, theater, satellite TV, laundry room, self-service kitchen and dining room are provided for the backpackers in 24h.

19. Later I walked into the TV room, where I was surprised to see the entire dive crew sitting around.

20. TV room的反义词

20. We're going to install a TV set in your room upon your demand.

TV room 单语例句

TV room

1. Connecting the white magic box to her TV, she could play all kinds of sports in her living room.

2. TV brackets are a modern furniture item that can save your room space and bring beauty and modernity to your decor.

3. " I was in my room waiting for my program to be aired on TV, " she recalled excitedly.

4. In their free time, the three housemates chat and watch TV in the sitting room.

5. He waited for his mother to go to sleep and sneaked into the TV room and watched another 30 minutes.

6. She calls them her " faithful friends in the battlefields ", and stacks them up in the living room right beside the TV bench.

7. Police found the troubled star of the hit TV show " Two and a Half Men " acting drunk and incoherent in his room.

8. The two actresses share a love of hit TV show Grey's Anatomy and even watched the series'September premiere together in Shields'living room.

9. An inmate surnamed Wang answered that they had a reading room filled with books, newspapers and magazines and were allowed to watch TV.

10. Johnny Depp snubbed other guests as he sat in a private room to watch the GQ Men of the Year awards on a TV screen.

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