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Chinese book

Chinese book 双语例句

1. I have a Chinese text book that was written by a foreigner, I can bring it here next time FYI.

2. Interzone is also the Chinese publisher of Markus Zusak`s Book Thief and I am the Messenger.

3. As we have learned, net of the sky cabinet carries literary work early or late nearly 9000, come from alliance of book of sword of start Chinese net, unreal, 91 literature in great quantities among them net and climb climb E the literary website such as the station, after some work publish period of time, be moved to divide by proper motion, to case hair vogue has online work 5334, ever became Chinese website to visit a quantity to rank for a time the 2nd, chinese literature still is resided before case hair kind the website is ranked the 7th, become day of visit to measure the large-scale website that amounts to two independent IP, two person-time.

4. It`s a book on Chinese history.

5. 911查询·英语单词

5. I have a book on Chinese history.

6. Among the abundant ancient Chinese classical works, Guanzi is a great book that talks more about economic, and there are also a lot of economic ethic thoughts in its economic theories.

7. Chinese book

7. Among the abundant ancient Chinese classical works, Guanzi is a great book that talks more about economic, and there are also a lot of economic ethic thoughts in its economic theories. The main purpose of this dissertation is to discover Guanzi economics ethic thoughts'true and essential content.

8. The book is of certain help to the study of ancient clothing and Chinese traditional culture.

9. Venue: Hall Hongtao, F.3, Hyatt Regency, TianjinContent: 10 UK publishers from Anness Publishing Ltd, Endeavour London Ltd, Octopus Publishing, the London Book Fair, etc. talk and communicate with 10 excellent Chinese publishers on bilaterally concerned topics. Organizer: BIBF, London Book Fair

10. danci.911cha.com

10. The text is to describe the traditional Chinese Book of Changes to predict.

11. The impacts of the Book of Changes on Chinese classical gardens were analyzed in this thesis from four aspects.

12. This book is written in classical Chinese.

13. Formal system has provided foundation stone of law and operation procedure for Chinese Book bidding. However, there are still some problems, such as misleading, embody operation. These problems are brought about by librarian diathesis, complexities of system design, unregarded biased of some values.

14. In my opinion, most of chinese very admire zhugeliang, because all his record in the book were so wonderfully. everything he dose were anyother human can't to do. just like wonderful foresight, or beat million enemy only use several soldier. he was so clever, have so many stratagems, He could know tomorrow weater only need see the star. and so on.

15. Chinese book

15. Just as the ancient Chinese philosophical book The Art of War concludes, if you know yourself and your enemy, you''ll never lose a battle.

16. Book of Changes was hailed as the head of the group, is the emperor of the operation, is history statesman, military strategist, is required reading for businessmen, is 5, 000 years of Chinese wisdom of the Collection.

17. danci.911cha.com

17. Experiencing Chinese. Traveling in China is one book of the Experiencing Chinese series for short-term teaching material. It shares the same learning model as the other books in this series, that is, experiencial learning. Compared with the other books in this series.

18. At the end of Chinese, the daughter of the procurator of a prefecture of imperial tomb Shi Man loved the book under the door to assist, the secret one asks the girl Huan to fetch the book and have water left behind assisting and washing hands to drink down, then pregnant, wait until the child can left, the procurator lets people embrace the child out, let him mean recognizing father.

19. The discussion of poetic image in the Chinese and Western tradition is my concentration in the ensuing two parts of paper. Thereafter, I will continue to examine Pauline Yu's study on Chinese poetic imagery, and focus on the responses and challenges of the book in Western Sinological circle.

20. Chinese book的近义词

20. Standing on the embankment of the Ancient Canal, after walking in the thick greenness there, we have a random look of this civilized ancient city over a thousand year The Shaohu Lake, Xiaohu Lake, Yuehu lake, Cultural Canal, Zhenhuai Tower, Wentong Pagoda, Qinglong Bridge, Baihu Bridge and Dongyue Temple, these lakes, canals, temples, towers, pagodas and ancient bridges are unfolded on along red and green Chinese color painting The sound of the big bell in the Tiande Reign is lingering about The sounds of book reading and bird singing in Shaohu Academy are wafted to our ears by the breeze Lard Hanxin went fishing on the angling terrace Young Meigao completed his article quickly on the horse, heroine Liang Hongyu beat a drum to resist aggressors of the Jin Dynasty, Zhaogu, a famous poet, played the flute leaning on a tower Scene after scene of many historical painting scrolls are rippling in the lingering sound of the bell The lively images of Zhou Enlai, Wu cheng`en, Hanxin, Guan Tianpei, Liang Hongyu and Liu`e etc come to us, and leave far away with smiles They have affected thisl and, and this land has deep and tender thoughts for them

Chinese book 单语例句

1. Hailed by critic Bai Ye as " probably the best Chinese novel on extramarital affairs ", the book tells of a single businesswoman and a married university professor.

2. Martinez remembers being enamored by the story of the butterfly lovers in a book of Chinese mythological tales as a boy.

3. The People's Publishing House said the traditional Chinese version of the speech will be distributed overseas by the China International Book Trading Corporation.

4. It is a cafe library and book shop all in one, with walls of towering shelves stuffed with books both in English and Chinese.

5. A Chinese calligrapher writes for visitors to the London Book Fair 2012 on Monday.

6. A book collection of Chinese paintings and calligraphic works that advocate world peace and harmony has rolled off the press.

7. She turned her Chinese sojourn into a book named after the serial, picked up soon after by Paramount Pictures for a screen adaptation.

8. A quick check of the online bookstores already turns up many Chinese book titles covering virtually every aspect of the Olympics.

9. One of his recent favorites is a scroll book featuring the famous story from Chinese literature Red Mansion.

10. Cai's love of classical Chinese literature began in primary school, and he has been reading book after book ever since.

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