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meet [mi:t]  [mit] 


meet 基本解释


及物/不及物动词相遇; 相识; 开会; 接触(某物)

及物动词满足; 迎接; 支付; 经历(常指不愉快的事)

名词运动会,体育比赛; 猎狐运动(尤其英式英语)

形容词适当的; 合适的; 恰当的

meet 同义词

动词assembleconnectunitecome togetherconvergejoingatherencounter

meet 反义词




meet 相关词组


1. meet with : 偶遇, 遭受;


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meet 相关例句


1. Let's meet that problem when it comes up.

2. To be a pilot, one must meet certain physical standards.

3. We must learn to meet adversity gracefully.

4. The cars met head-on.

meet 情景对话


B:Hello, Mr. Peepers. How do you do?

A:It’s (nice/ a pleasure/ an honor) to meet you.


A:Can you meet this deadline?

B:Yes, I’ll have it finished by (tomorrow morning/ this afternoon/ Friday at 5pm).


A:Here‘s my name card.

B:And here‘s mine.

A:It‘s nice to finally meet you.


B:And I‘m glad to meet you, too.

meet 网络解释

1. 遇到:我在田野里遇到(meet)与我灵魂沟通的那个目标,也就是找到我存在的其中一个意义. 古人说,人以文传,以及文以人传. 文章是让别人认识自己的工具,是用来见证自己作为存在的明证. 当我们的存在受到威胁,我们无法考虑实现存在意义的方法;

2. meet

2. 会:MTT网络营销课程:MTT是英文Meet、Trust、Transaction第一个字母的缩写 MTT深刻揭示了企业互联网推广、营销、销MTT网络营销课程实战体系售和绝对成交的核心机理 帮助企业快速赢得互联网市场机会(Meet)、塑造互联网信赖(Trust)、打

3. meet

3. 遇:马云曾总结了阿里巴巴的三步走,即相遇(meet)、工作(work)、生活(live)在阿里巴巴. 但在进入2007年这个他称之为WorkAt Alibaba的战略期时,连阿里巴巴人也感觉Work不足解释阿里巴巴正在干的事情. 这一困惑直到今年9月份,

meet 词典解释

1. 碰到;遇见
    If you meet someone, you happen to be in the same place as them and start talking to them. You may know the other person, but be surprised to see them, or you may not know them at all.


    e.g. I have just met the man I want to spend the rest of my life with...
    e.g. He's the kindest and sincerest person I've ever met...

2. (约定在某处)相会,碰头
    If two or more people meet, they go to the same place, which they have earlier arranged to do, so that they can talk or do something together.


    e.g. We could meet for a drink after work...
    e.g. Meet me down at the beach tomorrow, at 6am sharp.

3. 被引见给;认识;结识
    If you meet someone, you are introduced to them and begin talking to them and getting to know them.

    e.g. Hey, Terry, come and meet my Dad.

4. (初次)见面;认识;结识
    You use meet in expressions such as 'Pleased to meet you' and 'Nice to have met you' when you want to politely say hello or goodbye to someone you have just met for the first time.


    e.g. 'Jennifer,' Miss Mallory said, 'this is Leigh Van-Voreen.' — 'Pleased to meet you,' Jennifer said...
    e.g. I have to leave. Nice to have met you.

5. (到火车站、飞机场或公共汽车站)迎接
    If you meet someone off their train, plane, or bus, you go to the station, airport, or bus stop in order to be there when they arrive.

    e.g. Mama met me at the station...
    e.g. Lili and my father met me off the boat...

6. 会晤;开会
    When a group of people such as a committee meet, they gather together for a particular purpose.

    e.g. Officials from the two countries will meet again soon to resume negotiations...
    e.g. The commission met 14 times between 1988 and 1991.

7. (与…)会晤
    If you meet with someone, you have a meeting with them.


    e.g. Most of the lawmakers who met with the president yesterday said they backed the mission.

8. 遭到;遇到;获得
    If something such as a suggestion, proposal, or new book meets with or is met with a particular reaction, it gets that reaction from people.

    e.g. The idea met with a cool response from various quarters...
    e.g. We hope today's offer will meet with your approval too...

9. 满足;达到
    If something meets a need, requirement, or condition, it is good enough to do what is required.

    e.g. The current arrangements for the care of severely mentally ill people are inadequate to meet their needs...
    e.g. Out of the original 23,000 applications, 16,000 candidates meet the entry requirements.

10. 对付;应对;克服
    If you meet something such as a problem or challenge, you deal with it satisfactorily or do what is required.

    e.g. British manufacturing failed to meet the crisis of the 1970s...
    e.g. It is an enormous challenge but we hope to meet it within a year or 18 months...

11. 偿付;支付
      If you meet the cost of something, you provide the money that is needed for it.

      e.g. The government said it will help meet some of the cost of the damage...
      e.g. As your income increases you will find less difficulty in finding the money to meet your monthly repayments.

12. 碰上,遇到,遭遇(情况、态度、问题等)
      If you meet a situation, attitude, or problem, you experience it or become aware of it.


      e.g. I honestly don't know how I will react the next time I meet a potentially dangerous situation...
      e.g. Never had she met such spite and pettiness.

13. 获得(成功);遭到(失败)
      You can say that someone meets with success or failure when they are successful or unsuccessful.

      e.g. Attempts to find civilian volunteers have met with embarrassing failure...
      e.g. Efforts to commercialise the Russian space programme have met with little success.

14. 和…接触;与…相碰
      When a moving object meets another object, it hits or touches it.


      e.g. You sense the stresses in the hull each time the keel meets the ground...
      e.g. Nick's head bent slowly over hers until their mouths met.

15. (目光)接触,相遇
      If your eyes meet someone else's, you both look at each other at the same time.


      e.g. Nina's eyes met her sisters' across the table...
      e.g. I found myself smiling back instinctively when our eyes met.

16. (两片区域,尤指两片陆地或海洋)相接,汇合,相邻
      If two areas meet, especially two areas of land or sea, they are next to one another.


      e.g. It is one of the rare places in the world where the desert meets the sea.
      e.g. ...the southernmost point of South America where the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet.

17. (两条线)相交,交叉
      The place where two lines meet is the place where they join together.

      e.g. Parallel lines will never meet no matter how far extended...
      e.g. The track widened as it met the road.

18. (两个运动员、球队或军队)比赛,较量,交锋
      If two sportsmen, teams, or armies meet, they compete or fight against one another.

      e.g. The two women will meet tomorrow in the final...
      e.g. The unevenly matched armies met at Guilford on 15 March 1781...

19. 运动会
      A meet is an event in which athletes come to a particular place in order to take part in a race or races.

      e.g. John Pennel became the first person to pole-vault 17 ft., at a meet in Miami, Florida.

20. (猎狐前猎人和猎犬的)集合
      A meet is when riders and dogs gather somewhere before they set off on a fox hunt.

21. 迎着(或直视)(某人的)目光
      If you do not meet someone's eyes or meet someone's gaze, you do not look at them although they are looking at you, for example because you are ashamed.

      e.g. He hesitated, then shook his head, refusing to meet her eyes.

22. (尤指因暴力或蹊跷)死去
      If someone meets their death or meets their end, they die, especially in a violent or suspicious way.

      e.g. Jacob Sinclair met his death at the hands of a soldier...
      e.g. No one knows exactly how or where he met his end.

23. to make ends meet -> see end
      there's more to this than meets the eye -> see eye
      to meet someone's eyes -> see eye
      to meet someone halfway -> see halfway
      to meet your match -> see match

相关词组:meet up

meet 英英释义



1. a meeting at which a number of athletic contests are held

    Synonym: sports meeting


1. contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle

    e.g. Princeton plays Yale this weekend
           Charlie likes to play Mary

    Synonym: encounterplaytake on

2. fill or meet a want or need

    Synonym: satisfyfillfulfillfulfil

3. be in direct physical contact with
    make contact

    e.g. The two buildings touch
           Their hands touched
           The wire must not contact the metal cover
           The surfaces contact at this point

    Synonym: touchadjoincontact

4. meet by design
    be present at the arrival of

    e.g. Can you meet me at the train station?

5. come together

    e.g. I'll probably see you at the meeting
           How nice to see you again!

    Synonym: run intoencounterrun acrosscome acrosssee

6. undergo or suffer

    e.g. meet a violent death
           suffer a terrible fate

    Synonym: suffer

7. collect in one place

    e.g. We assembled in the church basement
           Let's gather in the dining room

    Synonym: gatherassembleforgatherforegather

8. get together socially or for a specific purpose

    Synonym: get together

9. satisfy or fulfill

    e.g. meet a need
           this job doesn't match my dreams

    Synonym: matchcope with

10. get to know
    get acquainted with

    e.g. I met this really handsome guy at a bar last night!
           we met in Singapore

11. satisfy a condition or restriction

      e.g. Does this paper meet the requirements for the degree?

      Synonym: fitconform to

12. be adjacent or come together

      e.g. The lines converge at this point

      Synonym: converge

13. experience as a reaction

      e.g. My proposal met with much opposition

      Synonym: encounterreceive



1. being precisely fitting and right

    e.g. it is only meet that she should be seated first

    Synonym: fitting


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