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afternoon [ˌɑ:ftəˈnu:n]  [ˌæftərˈnu:n] 


afternoon 基本解释

名词下午; 后期,后部

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afternoon 相关例句


1. I'll leave for Tokyo this afternoon.

afternoon 情景对话


A:What do you do in your spare time?


B:I like to play golf and badminton.

A:What do you usually do every evening?

B:I just like to sleep like a lazy cat.

A:What’s your favorite hobby?

B:My favorite sport is tennis.

A:Do you like to read books?

B:I enjoy reading so much that I always read in a quiet afternoon with a cup of good coffee.

A:By the way, would you like to see movies.

B:That’s OK.


A:Good afternoon.

B:I'm Tom, Zhang. We made a reservation for tea this afternoon.

A:Yes, sir. This way, please. Here's your table. Is this all right?


B:Yes, it's nice, indeed. Thank you.

A:I'm so glad you like it. What would you like? We serve coffee and tea, sandwiches, cakes and cold drinks.Please look under the plate-glass at the menu for afternoon tea.

B:What would you like, Mike?

C:I'll try a chicken salad sandwich and have a cup of coffee with cream.

A:How about you, Mr. Zhang?

B:I will have black tea with lemon and sugar and a piece of Swiss roll.


A:Anything else?

B:What's your specialty today?

A:We have strawberries with cream today. I suggest you try them.

B:Good, I will.

Apartment for Rent-(公寓招租)

A:This apartment has three rooms and a bath. Here's the kitchen.


B:It seems a little small to me.

A:Not really, for one person, and it has a nice gas range and a good refrigerator.There are lots of shelves and cupboards, too.


B:What about closets?

A:You'll have two large ones in the badroom.One has shelves and a built-in shoe rack.Then there's a storage closet in the living room and a linen closet in the bathroom.

B:The living room looks sort of dark.

A:We're painting it a lighter color, and it gets the afternoon sun.


B:Well, thank you for showing me around.I'll let you know tonight if I decide to take it.I want to look around before I make up my mind.
      谢谢你给我们看了房间。 如果我决定要,今天晚上我会告诉你。我想作出决定前再慎重考虑一下。

afternoon 网络解释

1. 下午:1971年4月 Michael Hart启动了古登堡工程(Gutenberg Project)1987年10月 世界上第一本电子书<<下午>>(Afternoon)出版1993年 格伦(Glenn Hauman)创办的目录字节公司(BiblioBytes)目录字节公司(BiblioBytes)是世界上第一个数字图书出版商,

2. 下午好:Actually. 实际上. | Afternoon. 下午好. | Aim! Fire!睢准!射击!

3. 午后, 下午 <单词词性>下午的, 晚期:elastic support 弹性支承, 弹性支座 | afternoon 午后, 下午 <单词词性>下午的, 晚期 | carer (亲属中)护理病人者,照顾老人者

afternoon 词典解释

1. 下午;午后
    The afternoon is the part of each day which begins at lunchtime and ends at about six o'clock.

    e.g. He's arriving in the afternoon...
    e.g. He had stayed in his room all afternoon.

afternoon 英英释义



1. a conventional expression of greeting or farewell

    Synonym: good afternoon

2. the part of the day between noon and evening

    e.g. he spent a quiet afternoon in the park


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