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welcome [ˈwelkəm]  [ˈwɛlkəm] 


welcome 基本解释


及物动词欢迎; 乐于接受

形容词受欢迎的; 令人愉悦的; 表示感谢的


welcome 同义词



welcome 反义词



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welcome 相关例句


1. You are welcome to any book in my library.

2. She was a welcome visitor.


1. welcome的近义词

1. We welcome your kind help.

2. They welcomed the idea with little interest.

welcome 情景对话



B:Sounds (nice/ exciting/ thrilling).


A:You’re welcome to join me if you want.


B:Welcome to our showroom.

A:Thank you, I‘m glad to be here.

B:Is there anything I can show you.

A:I think I‘d like to just look around .



B:Can you tell me why our bid was not accepted?


A:I think you were a little too high on some of the items .


B:On which ones ?


A:You‘re perfectly welcome to inspect the winning bid .

welcome 网络解释

1. welcome在线翻译

1. 受欢迎的:1他在回答之前犹豫了一下,由于它不知道说什么?(hesitate) 2你对伦敦的印象如何?( impress)3他度假回来健康大为好转. (improve) 4你在家总是受欢迎的(welcome) 5我不喜欢他对父母说话的样子(way)

2. 非法入境:<<非法入境>>(WELCOME)表面看起来,它所触及的仍是颇受国际舆论关注的非法移民问题,某种意义上来说,它关注是战争遗留问题. 倘若没有发生伊拉克战争,那么那些库尔德人怎么可能会不远万里非法偷渡到法国,接着又想从法国偷渡到英国呢?

welcome 词典解释

1. 欢迎;迎接
    If you welcome someone, you greet them in a friendly way when they arrive somewhere.

    e.g. Several people came by to welcome me...
    e.g. She was there to welcome him home from war...

2. (用于表示问候)欢迎来到…
    You use welcome in expressions such as welcome home ,welcome to London, and welcome back when you are greeting someone who has just arrived somewhere.

    e.g. Welcome to Washington...
    e.g. Welcome back, Deborah—It's good to have you here.

3. 欣然接受
    If you welcome an action, decision, or situation, you approve of it and are pleased that it has occurred.


    e.g. She welcomed this move but said that overall the changes didn't go far enough...
    e.g. In Germany, the move was welcomed by the Bundesbank president.

4. 受欢迎的;令人愉快的
    If you describe something as welcome, you mean that people wanted it and are happy that it has occurred.


    e.g. This was certainly a welcome change of fortune...
    e.g. The new 25 metre pool for more serious swimmers is a welcome addition...

5. 欢迎;乐于接受
    If you say that you welcome certain people or actions, you are inviting and encouraging people to do something, for example to come to a particular place.

    e.g. We welcome you to join us on a special tour which explores this unique Australian attraction...
    e.g. We would welcome your views about the survey.

6. (人)受欢迎的
    If you say that someone is welcome in a particular place, you are encouraging them to go there by telling them that they will be liked and accepted.

    e.g. New members are always welcome...
    e.g. I told him he wasn't welcome in my home.

7. 可随意…的;可以做…的
    If you tell someone that they are welcome to do something, you are encouraging them to do it by telling them that they are allowed to do it.


    e.g. You are welcome to visit the hospital at any time.
    e.g. ...a conservatory which guests are welcome to use.

8. (表示十分乐意让别人拥有自己不想要的东西)尽管…好了
    If you say that someone is welcome to something, you mean that you do not want it yourself because you do not like it and you are very willing for them to have it.

    e.g. If women want to take on the business world they are welcome to it as far as I'm concerned.

9. see also: welcoming

10. 使受欢迎;使感觉受欢迎
    If you make someone welcome or make them feel welcome, you make them feel happy and accepted in a new place.


11. (做客太久而)不再受欢迎
      If you say that someone outstays their welcome or overstays their welcome, you mean that they stay somewhere longer than they are wanted or expected to.

      e.g. After the kindness that had been shown to him, he didn't want to outstay his welcome.

12. 没关系;不客气
      You say 'You're welcome' to someone who has thanked you for something in order to acknowledge their thanks in a polite way.

      e.g. 'Thank you for the information.' — 'You're welcome.'
             “谢谢你提供的信息。”——“ 不客气。”

welcome 英英释义



1. a greeting or reception

    e.g. the proposal got a warm welcome

2. the state of being welcome

    e.g. don't outstay your welcome


1. bid welcome to
    greet upon arrival

    Synonym: receive

2. receive someone, as into one's house

3. accept gladly

    e.g. I welcome your proposals



1. giving pleasure or satisfaction or received with pleasure or freely granted

    e.g. a welcome relief
           a welcome guest
           made the children feel welcome
           you are welcome to join us


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