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May Day是什么意思,May Day在线翻译,May Day什么意思,May Day音标,May Day怎么读

May Day

May Day 基本解释

May Day什么意思

名词国际劳动节; 五一国际劳动节

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May Day 情景对话


A:I'd like to check in, please.

B:Awfully sorry, sir. There are no rooms available now.

A:But I have reserved a room the day before yesterday.

B:Sorry. May I have your name?

A:Tom Wang.

B:Please wait a minute. Let me check. Excuse me, but I can't seem to find your name on our list. Are you sure you have a reservation for tonight?


A:Of course, I did it myself.

B:I'm terribly sorry. There must have been some mistakes. Let me check it again. Oh, yes. There is a name listed as Tom Huang. It must be the fault of the clerk who registered your name. I apologize.


A:Don't worry about that.

B:According to the records, your reservation is for a single room with shower and air conditioner for two nights. The room rate will be $110 per night, including 10% tax and 4% service charge. Is it right?

A:Yes, that's right. I'd like to pay my bill by credit card.

B:May I take a print of your card?

A:Here you are.

May Day

B:OK. Now could you fill out this registration card?

A:All right.

B:Your room number is 707. Here is your key. The bellhop will help you to carry the suitcases to your room.Have a nice evening.

May Day 网络解释

1. May Day

1. 五一节:市场成交量预计清淡,因大部分欧洲市场1日将因五一节(May Day)假期休市. 德国证交所(Deutsche Boerse)旗下子公司Eurex正在洽谈以28亿美元、合每股67.5美元的价格收购International Securities Exchange Holdings (ISE). 德国证交所股票停牌,

2. 劳动节:但它与劳动节(May Day)有什么关系呢? 在古老的时代,那时对民主甚而未有所闻,封建地主为农场土地征收高租务而奴役农民. 这种现象同样发生在东方和西方的社会. ...

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3. 五一国际劳动节:该交易日是中国五一国际劳动节(May Day)七天长假前的最后一个交易日. 而4月30日的中间价又大幅低于前交易日的中间价人民币7.7139元. 中国十二名以上的高级官员将参加5月23日-24日在华盛顿召开的中美战略经济对话(U.S.-China Strategic Economic Dialogue)会议,

May Day 双语例句

1. O seven apples on a with's tree With seven seeds to plant inside of me In springtime I grew a magic song Then skipping along, oh I sang the song to everyone I looked at the world through apple eyes And cut myself a slice of sunshine pie I danced with the peanut butterflies Till time went and told me to say hello but wave goodbye A thousand sugar stars Oh put then in a jar And then whistle round the world Oh whistle round the world I'm a little wolf insede a girl, you say And off I'll go from June to May Oh whistling round the world I met a golden swan upon the road Who was a handsome prince, so I was told I asked it the way to yesterday Then I was a sailor, and through the day I sailed away Bluebird seas I sailed With mermaids riding whales Oh whistle round the world Oh whistle round the world I'm a little wolf inside a girl, you say And off I'll go down Winder Way Oh whistling round the world Through apple eyes Oh there are rose-coloured skylines Where flying silver spoons Eat melting marmalade moons Through apple eyes I see for millions of miles The sun's a diamond shining In the nighttime of a summer day A thousand sugar stars Oh put them in a jar And then whistle round the world Oh whistle round the world I'm a little wolf inside a girl, you say And off I'll go Oh whistling round the world Let's whistle round the world Whistle round the world
    o七个苹果,就同的树七种子植物里面的我在春天,我成长的一个魔术歌然后跳到沿线,哦i唱这首歌给大家我一看,在世界通过苹果电脑眼和削减自己一片阳光馅饼动作与花生蝴蝶直到时间一天天过去,并告诉我说,你好,但波再见 1000糖颗星哦付诸表决,然后在一个瓦罐然后哨子环游世界哦哨子环游世界我是一个很少狼insede一个女孩,你说断断续续我会去,从6至5月哦吹口哨环游世界我遇见了一名金色天鹅后,道一位英俊的王子,所以有人告诉我我问它的方式,以昨日那么,我是一个水手,并通过我每天航行距离蓝鸟公海航行i 与mermaids骑鲸哦哨子环游世界哦哨子环游世界我是一个很少狼里面一个女孩,你说断断续续我会走络筒机方式哦吹口哨环游世界通过苹果电脑的眼睛哦,还有玫瑰有色skylines 如飞行银汤匙吃熔化果酱的月亮通过苹果电脑的眼睛我看到数百万英里太阳的一颗钻石闪耀在夜间的一个夏天,一天 1000糖颗星哦,他们在一个瓦罐然后哨子环游世界哦哨子环游世界我是一个很少狼里面一个女孩,你说断断续续我会去哦吹口哨环游世界让的哨子环游世界哨子环游世界

2. But from the beginning of the next Benefit, which avoids the use of the hands of civil rights for their own personal gain may also quit to avoid a civil service down to business every day to carve and polish up its own wages.

3. May Day是什么意思

3. On the fifth day of May in the drizzlin'rain.

4. The result may seem to be harsh on the owners who made plans in reliance on the first notice, but it would appear that the High Court was persuaded that charterers should not be deprived of the use of the ship for the full charter duration when the 30 day notice of redelivery was expressed to be approximate.

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5. He said there against what you body does not check, I said no, but also examined to what he says I have inflammation, inflammation cured first, he said that after eating drugs, he said that if a That is to say that he has the drugs, three or four hundred a day of flowers, may be the last so that we did not think that he said it was not only so small, he said you are not urgent, it is checked in, there is no problem I do not want the door just started looking at that, may I wish it did not matter how much money to spend, the most important to bear in the end, I insist on seeing it on the door, who can think, what a day of high consumption, could eventually I have not pregnant, and now there is no way I am the door, if the doctor does not say that I am able to eat that bad on the quasi-drugs, we do not get the drug of interest, in order to buy this kind of inter-provincial, I Internet search portal, we hope to see.

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6. Photo of the Day: Best of May 2008 A fuchsia sunset backdrops a stand of palm trees on Florida's Captiva Island.

7. Excuse this belated reply to your very kind May Day greetings.

8. Forever, may existin a day. And time may stop for years when two lovers are apart.

9. In the final on May 23, a member of the preparatory activities and propaganda work to complete a simple summary of the situation and a detailed layout of the report of the activities of the processes on the same day, followed by on-site report on the possible issues of prevention, such as personnel crowded into the guests Field, and so on, for to do everything under control, to avoid any possible mistakes.

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10. Later, they became individual Name Days, which were more important than a person`s actual day of birth. Small children up to the age of 12 may still celebrate their birthdays with parties and gifts, but this is regarded more as a Western custom.

11. May Day

11. Relieves pain to the lumbago, ischialgia, menorrhalgia (belong to the cold certificate without exception) not only the hot pack being able to relieve arthrosis pain, a hot-water bag is set free getting along in part pain, every time 20 minutes, 1~also may relieve pain obviously 2 time every day, ; To twisting, dampening the subcutaneous haematoma bringing about, in being wounded using the hot-water bag hot pack 24 hours the day afer tomorrow, can boost subcutaneous extravasated blood admitting.

12. It was actually a three-day festival which ended on May 1st with general festivities and merrymaking.

13. Guest city Yao, whether lang hometown May Day?

14. May Day的解释

14. His face wore the look of concentrated and happy determination, which may be seen in a man who in a hot day takes the final run before a header into the water.

15. What you may do to prepare now, to ensure that your place in this process is all that it might be, is to continue to diligently place yourself into the Love of your own Higher Self/Soul Essence, each day, in a process of meditation, or sitting in a peaceful place of contemplation bringing deep relaxation to your physical body, and placing yourself into a state of Peaceful awareness.

16. May Day

16. However beautifully disgusting the work may be, the sound of the community screaming and laughing after each successive pumpkin is the true essence of Pumpkin Day.

17. What you may do toprepare now, to ensure that your place in this process is all thatit might be, is to continue to diligently place yourself into theLove of your own Higher Self/Soul Essence, each day, in a processof meditation, or sitting in a peaceful place of contemplation –bringing deep relaxation to your physical body, and placingyourself into a state of Peaceful awareness.

18. May 4, 1919 is a historic day.

19. This is the next project so that all of their kingdom may one day be wild and free and cease to be held captive in any manner, and especially in theme parks and aquariums.

20. A 12-night cruise from Hong Kong back to Singapore features two-day calls at Hanoi, Vietnam; and Bangkok, Thailand; as well as day-calls at Hue, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; and Sihanoukville, Cambodia. On May 8, 2009, Legend will depart the region from Singapore in a repositioning cruise to Dubai and onward to Rome.

May Day 词典解释

1. 五一节;国际劳动节
    May Day is the 1st of May, which in many countries is celebrated as a public holiday, especially as one in honour of working people.

May Day 单语例句

1. An extended rally may include some days where there is a strong price retreat but then this is quickly followed by another up day.

2. Nicolas Tse is making movies day and night so he'll have " enough money to buy milk " for his baby when it arrives in May.

3. Our skyline may be growing more spectacular by the day, but a dirty mouth characterizes China's face.

4. It happened just three days before the May Day holiday, when millions of Chinese holiday makers will travel by train.

5. The first races were held on the fifth day of May in the Chinese lunar calendar.

6. Dragon boat racing is an essential festive celebration of this traditionally important day, which falls on the fifth day of May according to the Chinese lunar calender.

7. The cost of gas capture will help in determining pricing for carbon emissions, which polluters may some day be asked to pay.

8. The controversy is centered on the scrapping of the May Day Golden Week.

9. Tsai took office as the DPP chairperson on May 20 of last year, the same day that Ma was inaugurated as Taiwan's leader.

10. Emily May Hughes died on Christmas Day after a freak accident at her home.

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