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Easter [ˈi:stə(r)]  [ˈistɚ] 


Easter 基本解释


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Easter 双语例句

1. Celebrating Florence's annual Easter pageant, a reenactor brandishes a medieval-style banner as he passes the cathedral in a tradition dating to the Crusades.

2. In Lent and Easter-tide there are variants.

3. It was also rumoured that the X Factor judge will be spending Easter with Will. I.

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4. The40weekdays from Ash Wednesday until Easter observed by Christians as a season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter.

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5. I'm a fucking Easter bunny too.

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6. B: I`m the Easter Bunny.

7. I'm the Easter Bunny.

8. I`m the Easter Bunny.

9. I am an easter bunny.

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10. I'm a fucking Easter bunny.- Yeah. Me too.

11. Easter的意思

11. I am the Easter Bunny.

12. The first morning after arrival, I suggest you climb Easter Island's most spectacular volcano, Rano Kau, where Orongo, a major archaeological site, sits on the crater's rim.

13. And it's one of the great traditions of the Orthodox Easter weekend.

14. Easter的意思

14. In this paper, the conductive composites were prepared with different carbon fiber content and vinyl easter resin as matrix.

15. L Lent intervenes between Christmas and Easter.

16. Pope Benedict's Easter Mass celebrated in the rain-swept St Peter's Square began with a surprise speech in defence of the pontiff by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, a senior Vatican cardinal.
      教皇本笃的复活节弥撒在大雨滂沱的圣彼得广场进行,出人意料地以资深红衣主教Angelo Sodano的辩护开场。

17. Software Description: About Easter Artwork, Children will like this screen saver that draws an Easter egg, a baby bunny and a duckling.

18. The Tarascon Hotel is open from Easter until All Saint's Day.

19. Easter is coming. We can tell it by the spring air, and likewise by today's Gospel reading.

20. Maundy Thursday served as a preparation for the feast of Easter about to follow.

Easter 词典解释

1. (基督教的)复活节
    Easter is a Christian festival when Jesus Christ's return to life is celebrated. It is celebrated on a Sunday in March or April.

    e.g. 'Happy Easter,' he yelled.
    e.g. ...the first Easter morning.

2. 复活节假期
    Easter is the period of several days around and including Easter Sunday.

    e.g. They usually have a walking holiday at Easter...
    e.g. She spends her Easter holidays taking groups of children to France...

Easter 单语例句

1. Le Royal Meridien Shanghai has chosen pink as the color of Easter this year, with rose champagne and a buffet decorated in pink finishing.

2. He added whether to extend the class suspension after the Easter holidays would depend on the situation at that time.

3. Make it an easy afternoon while the kids enjoy Easter egg hunting, face painting and coloring.

4. One of the major events of Easter is the fun of coloring boiled eggs.

5. I remember being entranced by the customs and food of Easter, with a countdown that started long before Easter.

6. Sunday kicked off a busy week of events culminating in a week with Easter Sunday.

7. Children can participate in Easter egg painting and cupcake making, and play with other kids in the kids corner.

8. The hotel's Ciao dining room features a range of traditional Easter classics, such as a juicy roasted lamb leg served with springtime vegetables.

9. Abbado took over the leadership of the Salzburg Easter Festival in 1994.

10. The publications claims Spears has known she was expecting since early February, but waited to officially tell her family about the baby until Easter.


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