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Christmas [ˈkrɪsməs]  [ˈkrɪsməs] 


Christmas 基本解释



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Christmas 相关例句


1. Christmas

1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2. Christmas

2. People send each other cards and presents at Christmas.

3. A merry Christmas (to you)!

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4. We always go to my parents' house on Christmas Eve.

5. The past few Christmases were very quiet.

Christmas 情景对话



A:Merry Christmas!

B:Merry Christmas to you, too.


A:Carter, Christmas Day is coming. Merry Christmas to you.


B:Thank you. And a merry christmas to you!



A:What date is it today?

B:Today is December 23, 2002.
      今天是2002 年12 月23 日。

A:Oh, the day after tomorrow is Christmas.

B:Merry Christmas to you!


A:You too!

Christmas 网络解释

1. 圣诞音乐 ):Celtic Rock( 凯尔特摇滚 ) | Christmas( 圣诞音乐 ) | College Rock( 学院摇滚 )

Christmas 双语例句

1. May warmest wishes, happy thoughts and friendly greetings come at Christmas and stay with you the whole year through.

2. Christmas

2. When I was a little kid, my parents would always play Amy Grant's songs at Christmas, so her songs still bring back all my childhood Christmas memories.
    当我还是孩子的时候,我的父母就经常在圣诞节演奏Amy Grant的歌,所以她的歌还能把我带回童年关于圣诞的回忆。

3. Christmas的意思

3. She brought hersister a skippingrope for Christmas.

4. But we will keep in touch, and I will fly over to see you at Christmas.

5. Have a beautiful Christmas and a happy New Year.

6. I wish you and your families have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

7. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

8. Let's put our Christmas gifts away and keep them a while.

9. Let`s put our Christmas gifts away and keep them a while.

10. If you think this combination of water and Christmas tree lights sounds dangerous, you`re right!

11. Christmas is a religious festivaI.

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12. Merry Christmas and then happy days over and over again!

13. Christmas

13. Therefore, Christmas Eve You have to go around me......

14. Christmas的翻译

14. I am looking forward to seeing you again on the Christmas Eve.

15. I have been there in the Christmas eve.

16. Christmas的近义词

16. Thank you! let me have a happy Christmas Eve!

17. The United States in a Christmas Eve when they are do interesting things, too many too much.

18. That's what Christmas eve is for!

19. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary for the season, The Lost Christmas Eve is for you.

20. Christmas是什么意思

20. My friends, Peter and Betty, went back to the US this Christmas.

Christmas 词典解释

1. 圣诞节(12月25日)
    Christmas is a Christian festival when the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December.

    e.g. The day after Christmas is generally a busy one for retailers...
    e.g. Merry Christmas, Mom.

2. 圣诞节期间
    Christmas is the period of several days around and including Christmas Day.

    e.g. During the Christmas holidays there's a tremendous amount of traffic between the Northeast and Florida...
    e.g. He'll be in the hospital over Christmas, so we'll be spending our Christmas Day there.

Christmas 单语例句

1. Their busy season usually runs from June to October, as big toy companies generally place their Christmas orders months in advance.

2. LONDON - Arsene Wenger believes the busy Christmas period will play a major part in deciding if Arsenal can win the Premier League.

3. Major stores specialized in soccer gear say this month might seem like the busy Christmas shopping season.

4. After a slow vote count, the announcement of the final results took the country by surprise on Orthodox Christmas Eve.

5. Around Thanksgiving, they start pouring in by the thousands each day as Christmas approaches.

6. The construction started in December and will be finished by this Christmas.

7. The session was again marked by thin volume typical of the week between Christmas and New Year's.

8. Jin Jiang Tower Shanghai invites you to a warm Christmas celebration by treating your loved ones and yourself to a culinary gala.

9. Even though they were sung in German, the words reminded me how much I missed Christmas in the cacophony of Beijing.

10. There was a grand old building sitting behind balustrades on top of twin staircases, looking much like an elaborately frosted Christmas cake.


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