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before [bɪˈfɔ:(r)]  [bɪˈfɔr,-ˈfor] 

before 基本解释

介词在…之前; 先于,优于; 当着…的面; 与其…

连词在…之前; 在…以前; 比…早些; 与其…

副词先前,从前; 在前,在前方

before 同义词

副词in advanceformerlypriorearlierpreviously


before 反义词



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before 相关例句


1. before

1. Several soldiers went before to scout.

2. before

2. He was never late before.


1. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

1. Pride comes before a fall.

2. He sat just before me.


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1. He will die before he shall disgrace himself.

before 情景对话


B:Let the people (off/ get off/ disembark from) the train before you get on.

A:I see, that makes more sense, doesn’t it?

A going concern-(赢利企业)


A:What's your overseas branch factory going?

B:Not very good at first. It has been two years before it becomes a going concern.

A:Once you break the ice, it will be better and better.


B:I hope so.

Leaving a little early-(早退)


A:Could I trouble you for a minute, Mr. Graham?


B:Sure, Emily. How can I help you?

A:I would like to leave a few minutes early today. Would that be all right?


B:That’s fine, as long as you can get that report typed up before you leave.

before 词典解释

In addition to the uses shown below, before is used in the phrasal verbs ‘go before’ and ‘lay before’.
除下列用法外,before 还可用于 go before 和 lay before 等短语动词中。

1. (时间上)在…之前,早于
    If something happens before a particular date, time, or event, it happens earlier than that date, time, or event.


    e.g. Annie was born a few weeks before Christmas...
    e.g. Before World War II, women were not recruited as intelligence officers...

2. 在(做某事)之前
    If you do one thing before doing something else, you do it earlier than the other thing.


    e.g. He spent his early life in Sri Lanka before moving to England...
    e.g. Before leaving, he went into his office to fill in the daily time sheet.

3. 在(某时间或某事)以前
    You use before when you are talking about time. For example, if something happened the day before a particular date or event, it happened during the previous day.

    e.g. The war had ended only a month or so before.

4. 在(他人做某事)之前
    If you do something before someone else can do something, you do it when they have not yet done it.

    e.g. Before Gallacher could catch up with the ball, Nadlovu had beaten him to it.

5. 以前;以往;过去
    If someone has done something before, they have done it on a previous occasion. If someone has not done something before, they have never done it.

    e.g. I've been here before...
    e.g. I had met Professor Lown before...

6. (直到…)才;(过了…)才
    If there is a period of time or if several things are done before something happens, it takes that amount of time or effort for this thing to happen.

    e.g. It was some time before the door opened in response to his ring.

7. (必须先具备某一条件)才能;在…之前(必须具备某一条件)
    If a particular situation has to happen before something else happens, this situation must happen or exist in order for the other thing to happen.

    e.g. There was additional work to be done before all the troops would be ready.

8. (方位)在…前面,在…面前
    If someone is before something, they are in front of it.

    e.g. They drove through a tall iron gate and stopped before a large white villa.

9. (所经位置)在…前面
    If you tell someone that one place is a certain distance before another, you mean that they will come to the first place first.

    e.g. The turn is about two kilometres before the roundabout.

10. 面对…(回答质询)
    If you appear or come before an official person or group, you go there and answer questions.

    e.g. The Governor will appear before the committee next Tuesday.

11. 当着…的面;在…注视之下
      If something happens before a particular person or group, it is seen by or happens while this person or this group is present.

      e.g. The game followed a colourful opening ceremony before a crowd of seventy-four thousand.

12. 摆在…面前;使面对;使面临
      If you have something such as a journey, a task, or a stage of your life before you, you must do it or live through it in the future.


      e.g. Everyone in the room knew it was the single hardest task before them...
      e.g. I saw before me an idyllic life.

13. (重要性)超过;比…重要
      When you want to say that one person or thing is more important than another, you can say that they come before the other person or thing.


      e.g. Her husband, her children, and the Church came before her needs.

14. before long -> see long

before 英英释义



1. earlier in time

    e.g. I had known her before
           as I said before
           he called me the day before but your call had come even earlier
           her parents had died four years earlier
           I mentioned that problem earlier

    Synonym: earlier

2. at or in the front

    e.g. I see the lights of a town ahead
           the road ahead is foggy
           staring straight ahead
           we couldn't see over the heads of the people in front
           with the cross of Jesus marching on before

    Synonym: aheadin front


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