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Australian [ɒˈstreɪliən]  [ɔˈstreljən] 


Australian 基本解释



形容词澳大利亚的; 澳大利亚人的


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Australian 网络解释

1. 澳大利亚:丹尼.保尔(Danny Boyle)的孟买爱情故事<<贫民窟的....新浪娱乐讯 巴黎当地时间12月1日星期一,澳大利亚导演巴兹.鲁尔曼(Baz Luhrmann)携其好莱坞新作<<澳大利亚>>(Australian)亲临法国巴黎宣传造势,

2. 澳洲的:布什则在悉尼一个商务论坛上致辞时张冠李戴,把APEC说成OPEC(石油输出国组织,Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries),还把澳洲的(Australian)军队说成奥地利的(Austrian)军队,出了小洋相.

3. 澳洲人:我们要用自己的称呼并且找回我们的尊严. 30年前伊朗就成功地将其英文名从i斯(Persia)变而满v种族. 他们蔑视和厌恶的这些种族包括:中国人(Chinese)、日本人(Japanese)(Bulgarian)、罗马尼亚人(Romanian)、澳洲人(Australian)、加州人(Californian)

Australian 双语例句

1. The mycelia of the ectotrophic types can be cultured in absence of the host, and inoculants are commercially available for use on container-grown pine seedlings for the North American and Australian forestry industries.

2. Shanghai Walking Healthy Living Center Shanghai suh woo Fitness Leisure Products Co., Ltd. Shanghai suh woo Fitness Leisure Products Co., Ltd. belongs to the Australian dragon sports and leisure goods Co., Ltd., with its headquarters in Australia and has over twenty years of professional fitness and sports products operating history, to Australia a number of large health club and professional sports venues, to provide fitness equipment and related supporting services.

3. Australian的近义词

3. To do this, it will need to ramp up its uranium consumption from 1, 500 tons a year to 20, 000 tons a year, according to Australian Resources Minister Ian Macfarlane.
    不过,澳大利亚铀信息中心总经理伊恩·霍尔莱西(Ian Hore-Lacy)认为,虽然人气高涨致使铀燃料类股上涨,但中国协议可能不会对澳大利亚新矿开采带来影响。

4. Wu He soon abandoned at birth by his parents, 2 years old is an Australian domestic adoption, adoptive father due to abuse, 10-year-old away from home.

5. Australian Antarctic Division glaciology program head Ian Allison said sea ice losses in west Antarctica over the past 30 years had been more than offset by increases in the Ross Sea region, just one sector of east Antarctica.

6. Australian的解释

6. The students will be divided into pairs of two in order to lodge with Australian families.

7. danci.911cha.com

7. The cream of the crop rose to the top of the 2010 Australian Open, with Roger Federer winning his 16th Grand Slam event and Serena Williams her 12th.

8. Professional kangaroo shooter James Campton drags a kangaroo carcass towards his truck during his nightly hunt near the Australian outback town of Narrandera.

9. Reuters, Canberra, February 11 ---- analysts said yesterday, the Australian forest fires may be arson suspect young man, his motives may be to seek to stimulate, or out of control To be recognized...
    路透堪培拉2月11日电(记者James Grubel)---分析人士周三称,澳大利亚森林火灾的纵火嫌疑人可能是名年轻男子,他的犯罪动机可能是希望寻求刺激、获得认可或出于控制欲。。。

10. The animators have great fun with the differences in scale between the mammals and the dinosaurs, and the introduction of a deranged Australian weasel named Buck pushes everything into Loony-Tune territory.

11. Australian consular officials visited Hu at the Shanghai detention centre where he is being held on Friday.

12. Australian什么意思

12. You know the Australian Open is going on and I am busy with it. So...

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13. You know the Australian Open is going on and I am busy with it...

14. Australian在线翻译

14. One is composed of East Asia populations and Australian aboriginals, another is composed of African, European and American Indians.

15. In the Royal Australian Navy there is no such thing as a plain old steward.

16. Ivanisevic, who despatched Chang 6-4, 7-6(3), will travel with the Australian Open semi-finalist to the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 events in Miami and Madrid in a continuation of a relationship that began at the PBZ Zagreb Indoors tournament in February, which Cilic won.

17. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority says the flow of oil from the damaged well appears to be slowing.

18. Living in the central Australian desert has its problems, of which obtaining water is not the least.

19. There are three generations of Brains, a British horn-playing dynasty; Helen Kotas, the first woman to be principal horn player for a major American orchestra; Herman Baumann and the Anglo-Australian, Barry Tuckwell.

20. Koala: An arboreal Australian marsupial that has dense grayish fur, large ears, and sharp claws and feeds chiefly on the leaves of eucalyptus trees.

Australian 词典解释

1. 澳大利亚的;澳大利亚人的;澳大利亚文化的
    Something that is Australian belongs or relates to Australia, or to its people or culture.

    e.g. She went solo backpacking for eight months in the Australian outback.

2. 澳大利亚人
    An Australian is someone who comes from Australia.


Australian 单语例句

1. Austrade's China country manager Christopher Wright said on Monday Australian business will make an important contribution to the staging of Expo.

2. Clive Palmer claims those rules are weighted against Chinese companies seeking to buy into Australian resource projects.

3. CANBERRA - The Australian government on Tuesday condemned as a terrible act of extremism a bombing at a Moscow Airport in Russia.

4. Little by little, his hard work and personality won the hearts of his Australian colleagues.

5. A libel action brought by Australian international Harry Kewell against former England striker Gary Lineker and the Sunday Telegraph has been settled out of court.

6. Set in a Parisian cabaret, ''Moulin Rouge''features a largely Australian cast of singers and dancers.

7. But Australian Sports Minister Mark Arbib was unimpressed, becoming the latest foreign government official to call for change at FIFA.

8. The Australian radio station issued an apology on Thursday, but said the call had been made with " lighthearted intentions ".

9. Australian troops in 2005 provided protection in Iraq for Japanese soldiers barred from carrying arms, and have worked alongside Japanese forces in Cambodia and East Timor.

10. Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard was almost hit in the face by a boot thrown by a protester at a Cambridge University debate.


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