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French [frentʃ]  [frɛntʃ] 


French 基本解释

形容词法语的; 法国的,法国人的

名词法语; 法国人


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French 情景对话

Language school-(语言学校)




A:I said, “Bonjour!”


B:What’s wrong with you, Ted?


A:I’m speaking French. Don’t you know anything?

B:What’s wrong with speaking English?


A:Well, I just got back from my language school. We have to speak French all day there. No English allowed!


B:What are you doing that for?

A:I’m trying to learn new skills. It makes me more qualified for a good job.

B:Good for you.


A:Can you change American dollars into French Francs?

B:Yes. How much do you want?

A:Fifty dollars. What is the exchange rate today?
      只换50 美元。今天的汇率多少?

B:One dollar to five Francs. Is that all right?
      1 美元对5 法郎。可以吗?

A:Yes, please. And you can cash my traveler’s check, can’t you?

B:Of course, we can.

A:I want to be here tomorrow. What is your business hour?


B:10 o’clock in the morning to 2 o’clock in the afternoon.
      上午10 点至下午2 点。

A:Thank you.


B:Not at all.


A:What’s your schedule like this year?

B:Pretty busy. I have to pick up a lot of credits this year.


A:What’s your major?

B:I’m majoring in French literature.

A:Oh, don’t you have to take that class on 18th century poetry? It’s really difficult. I hear the students in that class have to write a paper 100 pages long.

B:That’s right. We got the assignment last week.

A:When is it due?

B:Next Monday!

A:Remind me never to sign up for that course!

French 网络解释

1. 法文:初中的课程是数学(mathematics)、英文(English)、科学(为理化及自然等的综合课)、社会科学(为史地及人文等的综合课)、法文(French). 另外的工业艺术、木工、军事、美术,每样仅修半学期,体育则不算分. 初中成绩单用ABCDEFI七个字母表示.

French 双语例句

1. Over 30% of Danes, French and Italians aged between 15 and 64 have puffed on a joint.

2. Chapter Two analyzes the background of Wordsworth`s spiritual ecological consciousness, which contains Wordsworth`s childhood and the influence of the French Revolution and of Rousseau, and summarizes the connotation of his spiritual ecological consciousness.

3. A few kinds of forms that the system serves with respect to French agriculture socialization only here make one brief introduction.

4. Furthermore, it makes Jefferson incline to the French liberalism tradition.

5. I want to call the French embassy.

6. He is with the French embassy.

7. French的解释

7. It's the speech reported by a the official of Chinese French embassy.

8. The time that I spent at the French embassy shaped my academic and professional goals.

9. But at the front gates of the American embassy, the French authorities are already waiting for them.

10. This is the conversation during the journalist interviewed the officer working in Chinese embassy to french.

11. You should have been at the French Embassy reception last night.

12. 911查询·英语单词

12. Our company mainly produces and sales: rock wool products, glass wool products, aluminum silicate products, composite silicate insulation materials, microporous calcium silicate insulation products, rubber and plastic foam products, polyurethane insulation materials, products, extruded insulation board, quick and transparent shutter doors, PVC insulating outer shell to protect a variety of insulation materials. In 2005 our company has introduced French technology and equipment, production and production of fast soft doors, industrial sliding doors l, flat and transparent soft door open, transparent soft curtain.

13. Computer skills; M and arin; fluent in written and spoken English; French speaking preferred

14. French Model Lae Tixia.

15. The community of Solesmes have been expelled from their monastery by the French government no less than four times.

16. This way, the more highly trained British professionals could lead the offensive against the French.

17. I had to make a convert table for French display, this is what now in 0.13 firmware.

18. The technology used in the Bubble Tag has already been approved by authorities such as the Swiss Institute of Gemmology or the French Ministry of Industry for and is currently used on many official documents, high value branded products and valuable works of art worldwide.
      Bubble Tag中采用的技术不仅已得到许多权威机构的批准,比如:瑞士宝石学研究所或法国工业部,而且目前也在世界各地的许多官方文件、高价品牌产品和贵重艺术品中得到应用。

19. He is a member of the French Impressionist school.

20. He be a member of the french impressionist school.

French 词典解释

1. 法国的;法国人的;法语的;法国文化的
    French means belonging or relating to France, or its people, language, or culture.

    e.g. ...the French parliament...
    e.g. All the staff are French.

2. (总称)法国人
    The French are the people who come from France.

    e.g. Two-thirds of the French are in favour of limiting foreign imports into Europe.

3. 法语
    French is the language spoken by people who live in France and in parts of some other countries, including Belgium, Canada, and Switzerland.

    e.g. The villagers spoke French.

French 单语例句

1. The great majority of French businesses find their China operations contributing less than 5 percent of their total business volume nowadays.

2. French handbag maker Longchamp has decided to buy out its Chinese distributor, and has assembled a Chinese team to take care of administrative tasks.

3. French lace families systematically buy Leavers machines that go up for sale, keeping their competitive advantage at home.

4. By contrast, the French government and the French central bank cannot create euros.

5. Pound said he was waiting to see if the International Cycling Union would act on the French report.

6. Previous report by Libyan official television said one French plane was shot down by Libyan force in the region of Tripoli.

7. Stop by The Villa in the heart of the French Concession for the latest from some top US designers and some unique accessories.

8. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said that any Syrian transition government " will be chosen by mutual consent and will exclude murderers ".

9. The French coach seemed to be particularly angered by United midfielder Darren Fletcher's challenges but stopped short of accusing the Scot by name.

10. France's National Day this year was overshadowed by the deaths of five French soldiers killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan the day before.


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