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British [ˈbrɪtɪʃ]  [ˈbrɪtɪʃ] 

British 基本解释

形容词英国的; 英国人的; 不列颠的; 英国英语的

名词(总称)英国人; 英国英语


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British 相关例句


1. The British drink a lot of tea.

2. The British drink a great deal of tea.

British 情景对话



B:Wow, American football is more exciting than I thought.

A:You’re in America now, my British friend. We just call it football.

B:Oh, right. So, I can’t quite follow what’s going on…who’s winning?


A:The Giants are up by three points because of the field goal they kicked, but the Redskins have the ball and there pretty close to the end zone.

B:Wow! What a hit!

A:Yeah, he tackled him so hard his helmet came off.

B:Is he ok?

A:It looks like it, he’s getting up.

B:I guess he hit him too hard; the referee just called a penalty on the home team.

A:The Giants?


A:Well, here we go again.

B:What happened? Why did everyone get so quiet?


A:The Redskin’s quarterback just threw a touchdown pass for seven points. We’re losing again.

British 双语例句

1. He said: In a 2005 surey for the British Pain Society 975 people were questioned about pain.

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2. In London, the Japanese financial group Nomura says it will cut up to 1, 000 jobs in its British operation.

3. British的意思

3. British rock band Oasis says Chinese authorities have banned them from China, canceling their concerts in Beijing and Shanghai just weeks before they were set to perform.

4. China is one of the top three recipients of British visas world wide.

5. The joint expression of aims common to the United States and the British Commonwealth of Nations known as the Atlantic Charter includes not only purposes covering war but outlines of moredistant objectives.

6. British在线翻译

6. The idea that tariffs should be reduced through bilateral and multilateral negotiations became part of the Atlantic Charter, the declaration issued by President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1941 as a rallying cry for nations opposing the military and economic aggression of fascist Germany, Italy, and Japan.

7. British amateur astronomers Goodrike correctly explained its reasons for changes in brightness.

8. Chinese m and arin speakers, British English, Chinese and British sign language sign there?

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9. This way, the more highly trained British professionals could lead the offensive against the French.

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11. Leaving aside rhetoric and renewables — both things which British climate discussions might be said to overemphasise — even UKIP isn`t that far out of the consensus.

12. British

12. Among them, statistical analysis of the British government and its performance audit of the good results.

13. In 1376, the British Parliament established the first impeachment case.

14. British的意思

14. D. H Lawrence was a great writer in the British modern literature history.

15. Waifs and strays 1. British English children or animals who do not have a
      home 2。零碎东西 3。出处不明的引语,无从考查的谚语

16. British

16. Meanwhile, as a footnote, though it is hardly just that, one of the UK's most dynamic banks, Northern Rock, imploded, generating the first British bank run for over a century and forcing the government, in effect to guarantee the liabilities – yes, I do, alas, mean the entire liabilities – of the British banking system.

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17. A British resident released from Guantanamo Bay after being held for more than four years has said that the US failed to observe fair legal processes at the detention camp.

18. But for the inhabitants of America`s Gulf coast, for BP, the huge British firm that owns the well, and for the oil industry as a whole, the bad news is flowing as relentlessly as the oil gushing from ruptured pipes a mile below the waves.

19. British什么意思

19. During the early nineties, Gary Stretch was the glamor-boy of British boxing.

20. If you`re British like me, then you`re...

British 词典解释

1. 英国的;英国人的;英国文化的
    British means belonging or relating to the United Kingdom, or to its people or culture.

    e.g. ...the British government.
    e.g. ...traditional British cookery.

2. 英国人
    The British are the people of Great Britain.

British describes people and things that come from anywhere in the United Kingdom, which consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. ...British scientists. It is also used to describe anything to do with the administration of the United Kingdom and appears in the name of national organizations. ...the British government. ...British Airways. The British are the people who live in the United Kingdom. Britain or Great Britain refers to England, Scotland, and Wales, but not Northern Ireland. The British Isles are the group of islands that includes the United Kingdom and some other islands such as the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. English describes people and things that live in or come from England. The English are the people who live in England.
British描述来自the United Kingdom(联合王国,包括英格兰、苏格兰、威尔士和北爱尔兰)的人或物,例如:British scientists(英国的科学家们)。该词亦用来形容和英国行政部门相关的任何事物,出现在英国的全国性机构组织名称中,如:the British government(英国政府),British Airways(英国航空公司)。the British 指居住在英国的人。Britain(不列颠)或Great Britain(大不列颠)指的是英格兰、苏格兰和威尔士,但不包括北爱尔兰。the British Isles(不列颠群岛)指包括英国和马恩岛、海峡群岛等岛屿在内的群岛。English指居住于或来自英格兰的人或物。the English 指居住在英格兰的人。

British 单语例句

1. A British business delegation led by Mandelson are scheduled to visit China at the end of April.

2. Unlike the British man, the current generation of business people act instead of think.

3. The British group says the venture is part of a strategic plan to develop China's business travel market.

4. But Jiang stopped short of commenting on the resignation of British Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday.

5. Forget the quintessential image of the British butler as the epitome of discreet decorum.

6. Raikkonen was second to revive McLaren with their first podium finish of the season, while Rubens Barrichello held off BAR's British hopeful Jenson Button for third place.

7. The British media coined " Peking Pounds " to describe the Chinese buying power.

8. Legend has it that British pilots buzzing around islands off South America saw penguins toppling over like dominoes when the birds looked skyward.

9. The ship was found by accident in 1987 by the Guangzhou salvage bureau and a British underwater salvage company.

10. British military spokesman Squadron Leader Jonathan Arnold said the blasts were believed to have been caused by car bombs.


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