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carry [ˈkæri]  [ˈkæri] 


carry 基本解释


及物动词携带; 支撑; 输送; 运载

及物/不及物动词运送; 搬运; 具有

不及物动词(文学、戏剧等)对读者; 扔(或踢)到…距离; (马等)具有某种姿势; 传得很远

名词(枪炮、火箭等的)射程; 运输,运送


carry 相关词组

1. carry forward : 推进;

2. carry out : 实现, 贯彻, 执行;

3. carry off : 夺去...的生命;

4. carry through : 实现, 使度过困难, 坚持下去;

5. carry on : 继续开展, 行为愚蠢(或越轨);

6. carry back : 运回, 拿回, 使回忆起;

7. carry away : 运走;

8. carry it : 获胜;

9. carry with one : 记得;

10. carry over : 继续, 结转次页, 把...留到以后处理;


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carry 相关例句


1. The drugstore mainly carries medicine and cosmetics.

2. danci.911cha.com

2. This money will carry us for about a month.

3. I never carry much money with me.


1. The trunks don't carry easily.

2. My voice can't carry that far.

carry 情景对话



B:I have a question about this quotation you submitted .

A:What is it ?

B:The third item has been omitted .

A:Oh ,yes .we don‘t carry that item anymore .

Holidays and Benefits-(假期和福利)


A:Anything else?

B:Yes, one last thing. How much holiday time do you give your employees every year?

A:Our employees receive fifteen days of paid vacation every year. If you don’t use the full fifteen days, they carry over to the following year.

B:How about sick days?

A:You get five paid sick days.

B:Any other benefits?

A:Yes, we have an excellent retirement plan and medical insurance as well.


B:Great. Thanks so much for your time.

A:We’ll contact you soon, Ted. Thanks for coming in.

Shopping in the Dime Store-(在低价商店购物)

A:Do you carry black ink?

B:The ink should be next to the paper clips and thumb tacks in the stationary section, sir.


A:I've looked, but I didn't see any black ink.

B:Then I'm afraid there's none in stock.

A:Well, I'll settle for blue-black. I'll also take a dozen airmail envelopes.

B:They come in packages of ten or twenty.


A:Give me a package of twenty, then. And where do I find shoelaces?

B:On counter three.

A:Thank you. I never can find my way around this store.

B:I know. It took me three weeks, and I work here.

carry 网络解释

1. danci.911cha.com

1. 进位:第0位 - C - 进位(Carry)标记: 这个是所有算术运算中最重要的一个标记.然而在减法操作中,如果需要借位,则这个标记被清除,即被置0.进位标记同时也常被用于移位和旋转逻辑操作.第1位 - Z - 零(Zero)标记: 当算术或逻辑运算的结果为0时,

2. 搬运:carry 不强调动作的方向,强调搬运 ( carry ) 的物体较重. 工人们所讲的都是有关力的作用和平衡的知识,当然属物理 (physics) 范畴. 由全文可知技术无法替代(replace)人类的劳动,这是文章的主旨之所在. 由上下文可知,

3. 承受:拉丁字根里, suffere ( 维持、抗拒 ) 一词中, sub ,就由下而上之意, ferre 就是携 带、承受 (carry) 之意. 是否凑巧呢,煲煮法中,花药正是火热由下而上的煎熬出来. 太阳法的热量,则是由上天赐下来的和煦温暖.

4. carry:cry; 进位

carry 词典解释

1. 拿;提;拎;搬;扛
    If you carry something, you take it with you, holding it so that it does not touch the ground.

    e.g. He was carrying a briefcase...
    e.g. He carried the plate through to the dining room...

2. 携带;随身带
    If you carry something, you have it with you wherever you go.

    e.g. You have to carry a bleeper so that they can call you in at any time.

3. 运送;运载
    If something carries a person or thing somewhere, it takes them there.

    e.g. Flowers are designed to attract insects which then carry the pollen from plant to plant...
    e.g. The delegation was carrying a message of thanks to President Mubarak...

4. 携带(疾病、病菌)
    If a person or animal is carrying a disease, they are infected with it and can pass it on to other people or animals.


    e.g. The official number of people carrying the AIDS virus is low...
    e.g. Frogs eat pests which destroy crops and carry diseases.

5. 具有,带有(特点、后果等)
    If an action or situation has a particular quality or consequence, you can say that it carries it.

    e.g. Check that any medication you're taking carries no risk for your developing baby...
    e.g. Individualism, and the breakdown of social harmony, had a constructive purpose. But they also carried a price.

6. 使达到(目标);帮助…渡过(难关)
    If a quality or advantage carries someone into a particular position or through a difficult situation, it helps them to achieve that position or deal with that situation.


    e.g. He had the ruthless streak necessary to carry him into the Cabinet...
    e.g. The warmth and strength of their relationship carried them through difficult times.

7. 使用;采纳;发挥
    If you carry an idea or a method to a particular extent, you use or develop it to that extent.

    e.g. It's not such a new idea, but I carried it to extremes...
    e.g. We could carry that one step further by taking the same genes and putting them into another crop.

8. (报纸、海报)登载,刊登,印有
    If a newspaper or poster carries a picture or a piece of writing, it contains it or displays it.


    e.g. Several papers carry the photograph of Mr Anderson.

9. 使(提案、动议)通过;赞成
    In a debate, if a proposal or motion is carried, a majority of people vote in favour of it.


    e.g. A motion backing its economic policy was carried by 322 votes to 296.

10. (罪行)应处以…刑罚
    If a crime carries a particular punishment, a person who is found guilty of that crime will receive that punishment.


    e.g. It was a crime of espionage and carried the death penalty.

11. (声音)传得很远
      If a sound carries, it can be heard a long way away.

      e.g. Even in this stillness Leaphorn doubted if the sound would carry far.

12. (候选人或党派)在(某州或某选区)获胜
      If a candidate or party carries a state or area, they win the election in that state or area.


      e.g. George W. Bush carried the state with 56 percent of the vote.
             乔治·W. 布什在该州以56%的得票率获胜。

in BRIT, usually use 英国英语通常用 take

13. (以某种姿态)走,移动
      If you carry yourself in a particular way, you walk and move in that way.

      e.g. They carried themselves with great pride and dignity.

14. 怀孕;怀上(孩子)
      If a woman is carrying a child, she is pregnant.

      e.g. There are many theories that claim to be able to predict whether you're carrying a boy or a girl.

15. 急不可待;喜不自胜;忘乎所以
      If you get carried away or are carried away, you are so eager or excited about something that you do something hasty or foolish.


      e.g. I got completely carried away and almost cried.

16. 轻松获胜;大获全胜
      If a person or team carries all before them, they succeed very easily.

      e.g. In the formative years their alliance carried all before it.

17. to carry the can -> see can
      to carry conviction -> see conviction
      to carry the day -> see day
      to carry weight -> see weight

Do not confuse carry and lift. When you carry something, you move it from one place to another without letting it touch the ground. When you lift something, you move it upwards using your hands or a machine. After you have lifted it, you may carry it to a different place.
不要混淆 carry 和 lift。carry 表示将某物从一处移至另一处, 其间不接触地面。lift 表示用手或机器将某物提离地面, 然后可以将之从此处移(carry)至另一处。

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