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of course [ɔv kɔː(r)s]  [ʌv kɔː(r)s] 

of course 基本解释

of course的反义词

当然,自然; 敢情; 自是; 理当

of course的近义词

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of course 相关例句


1. Of course I remember him.

of course 情景对话


A:Do you have a reservation, sir?

B:No, I am afraid we don’t.

A:I’m sorry. The restaurant is full now. You have to wait for about half an hour. Would you care to have a drink at the lounge until a table is available?
      很抱歉,餐厅已经满座了。约要等30 分钟才会有空桌。你们介意在休息室喝点东西直至有空桌吗?

of course的解释

B:No,thanks. We’ll come back later. May I reserve a table for two?

A:Yes, of course. May I have your name, sir?

B:Bruce. By the way. Can we have a table by the window?

A:We’ll try to arrange it but I can’t guarantee, sir.

of course是什么意思

B:That’s fine.

A:Your table is ready, sir. Please step this way.


of course的意思

A:I am going to be home a little bit late tonight. You’ll have to have supper on your own.

B:Why is that?

A:There’s a big sale at Macy’s today. Everything is either buy one, get one free, or half price.

of course在线翻译

B:You’re not going to spend all of our money, are you?

A:Of course not. The offer is too good to pass up, isn’t it?

B:I guess so. Would you mind picking up some shirts for me if you see some?

A:Sure, which color would you like?

B:A green and a light blue one.

A:Ok. Would you like long sleeve or short sleeve shirts?

B:Long sleeves, please.

A:Do you need anything else?

B:Check out the appliances section. We could really need another washing machine.


A:Ok, I will. Hopefully that will be half off instead of buy one get one free.

of course

B:Just have a look.

A:Anything else?

B:Actually, we could use a new lawn mower. And maybe a grill for the backyard.

A:Do you just want to come along? It might be easier if we both went.

B:Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go!

A:Do you have any money?

of course的意思

B:No, but I have plenty of credit cards.

A:Maybe I should hang on to those. I know what happens when you get around tools and machines!

of course 网络解释

1. 自然:客观因素决定了它的这些作用(Role),在别人的大型blog网站上创建blog,权重也好,框架也好,都已经决定了,那么便是内容支撑着起一些作用(Role),自然(Of course)这些内容都是创建在链接为基本(Basic)的情况下产生的.

2. 当然了:34. I promise. 我保证. | 35. Of course! 当然了! | 36. Slow down! 慢点!

3. 当然,自然:in the course of 在...过程中,在...期间 | of course 当然,自然 | in danger 在危险中,垂危

of course 词典解释

1. (表示通常、显见或众所周知的事实)当然,自然
    You say of course to suggest that something is normal, obvious, or well-known, and should therefore not surprise the person you are talking to.

    e.g. Of course there were lots of other interesting things at the exhibition...
    e.g. 'I have read about you in the newspapers of course,' Charlie said...

2. (表示允许的客气说法)当然(可以)
    You use of course as a polite way of giving permission.

    e.g. 'Can I just say something about the cup game on Saturday?' — 'Yes of course you can.'...
    e.g. 'Could I see these documents?' — 'Of course.'

3. (尤用于同意或不赞同某人时强调自己的陈述)当然,自然
    You use of course in order to emphasize a statement that you are making, especially when you are agreeing or disagreeing with someone.

    e.g. 'I expect you're right.' — 'Of course I'm right.'...
    e.g. Of course I'm not afraid!...

4. (表示否定的强调说法)当然不,怎么会
    Of course not is an emphatic way of saying no.

    e.g. 'You're not really seriously considering this thing, are you?' — 'No, of course not.'
    e.g. 'I'd like to talk to the lads if you don't mind.' — 'Of course not, Chief.'
           “如果你不介意,我想跟小伙子们谈一谈。” —— “当然不会,头儿。”

of course 英英释义



1. as might be expected

    e.g. naturally, the lawyer sent us a huge bill

    Synonym: naturallycourse

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