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yet [jet]  [jɛt] 

yet 基本解释

副词还; 但是; 已经; 又,再


yet 同义词


副词even soso faruntil nowup to nownotwithstandingnonethelessthus farstillneverthelessall the sameas yethowever

yet 反义词


yet 相关词组

1. and yet : 可是, 然而;

2. as yet : 至今仍;


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yet 相关例句


1. Has he finished the work yet?

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2. My room is small yet cosy.

3. John is alive yet.

4. There is hope for her yet.


1. yet的翻译

1. He is active, yet ill.

yet 网络解释

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1. 转折:4 D 语句连贯词义比较 由前后句子的意义看,前后两句明显为转折(yet)关系. then那么,表示推理意义;thus因而, 从而,表示顺承关系;therefore因此, 所以,表示因果关系. 5 A 逻辑推理常识运用词义辨析 当汽车出了故障,作者就赶快去找他,

2. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

2. 而:然而(Yet)时光飞逝,又一立法年度即将结束,还没有任何加州人绝对(overwhelmingly)应得的重大改革通过. 鉴于此,并经过慎重考虑,我认为在此时没必要(unnecessary)签署这项法案.

yet 词典解释

1. (用于否定句中表示某事尚未发生但有可能发生,在疑问句中用来询问某事是否已发生。英国英语中,表示此义时通常不与一般过去时连用)尚(未),还,仍
    You use yet in negative statements to indicate that something has not happened up to the present time, although it probably will happen. You can also use yet in questions to ask if something has happened up to the present time. In British English the simple past tense is not normally used with this meaning of 'yet'.

    e.g. They haven't finished yet...
    e.g. No decision has yet been made...

2. (与谈论过去的否定句连用,表示当时并非如此)还,尚(未)
    You use yet with a negative statement when you are talking about the past, to report something that was not the case then, although it became the case later.


    e.g. There was so much that Sam didn't know yet...
    e.g. He had asked around and learned that Billy was not yet here.

In British English, yet and already are usually used with the present perfect tense. Have they said sorry or not yet?... I have already started knitting baby clothes. This usage is becoming more common in British English. In American English, a past tense is commonly used. I didn't get any sleep yet... She already told the neighbors not to come.
英国英语中,yet和already通常用于现在完成时。例如,Have they said sorry or not yet(他们是否已经道过歉了),I have already started knitting baby clothes(我已经开始织婴儿衣服了)。这种用法在英国英语中越来越普遍。在美国英语中,一般使用过去时:I didn't get any sleep yet(我还没合过眼),She already told the neighbors not to come(她已经告诉邻居们不要过来了)。

3. (用于否定句,表示某事以后会做但现在不该或不能做)还,尚
    If you say that something should not or cannot be done yet, you mean that it should not or cannot be done now, although it will have to be done at a later time.

    e.g. Don't get up yet...
    e.g. The hostages cannot go home just yet...

4. (用于最高级后,表示到目前为止最差或最好)迄今为止,到目前为止
    You use yet after a superlative to indicate, for example, that something is the worst or the best of its kind up to the present time.

    e.g. This is the BBC's worst idea yet...
    e.g. Her latest novel is her best yet.

5. (用于表示仍有可能)还是,仍然
    You can use yet to say that there is still a possibility that something will happen.

    e.g. Like the best stories, this one may yet have a happy end...
    e.g. A negotiated settlement might yet be possible.

6. (用于表示一段时间的表达后,表示时间的延续)还要,还
    You can use yet after expressions which refer to a period of time, when you want to say how much longer a situation will continue for.


    e.g. Unemployment will go on rising for some time yet...
    e.g. Nothing will happen for a few years yet...

7. (表示从未做过某事,尤指惊人的事或坏事)还未,尚未
    If you say that you have yet to do something, you mean that you have never done it, especially when this is surprising or bad.

    e.g. She has yet to spend a Christmas with her husband...
    e.g. He has been nominated three times for the Oscar but has yet to win.

8. (用于引出颇令人惊讶的事实)可是却,却又
    You can use yet to introduce a fact which is rather surprising after the previous fact you have just mentioned.


    e.g. I don't eat much, yet I am a size 16...
    e.g. They were terrified James would die — yet there were moments when they almost wished he would...

9. (用于强调,尤指相对于以前同类事物更为极端等)还要,甚至,更
    You can use yet to emphasize a word, especially when you are saying that something is surprising because it is more extreme than previous things of its kind, or a further case of them.

    e.g. Yet bigger satellites will be sent up into orbit...
    e.g. I saw yet another doctor...

10. (用于否定句)迄今为止,目前为止
      You use as yet with negative statements to describe a situation that has existed up until the present time.

      e.g. As yet it is not known whether the crash was the result of an accident...
      e.g. We have not as yet received a response.

yet 英英释义



1. to a greater degree or extent
    used with comparisons

    e.g. looked sick and felt even worse
           an even (or still) more interesting problem
           still another problem must be solved
           a yet sadder tale

    Synonym: evenstill

2. despite anything to the contrary (usually following a concession)

    e.g. although I'm a little afraid, however I'd like to try it
           while we disliked each other, nevertheless we agreed
           he was a stern yet fair master
           granted that it is dangerous, all the same I still want to go

    Synonym: howeverneverthelesswithalstillall the sameeven sononethelessnotwithstanding

3. up to the present time

    e.g. I have yet to see the results
           details are yet to be worked out

4. used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time

    e.g. So far he hasn't called
           the sun isn't up yet

    Synonym: so farthus farup to nowhithertoheretoforeas yettil nowuntil now

5. used after a superlative

    e.g. this is the best so far
           the largest drug bust yet

    Synonym: so far

6. within an indefinite time or at an unspecified future time

    e.g. he longed for the flowers that were yet to show themselves
           sooner or later you will have to face the facts
           in time they came to accept the harsh reality

    Synonym: in time


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