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fast [fɑ:st]  [fæst] 


fast 基本解释


形容词快的; 走得快; 感光快的; 紧的

副词(比准确的时间或宣布的时间)快; 迅速地; 紧紧地; 彻底地


名词禁食期,斋戒期; 断食,节食


fast 同义词





fast 反义词




fast 相关词组

1. make fast : 把...拴紧(关紧), 把...打上结;

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fast 相关例句


1. They developed a fast dye.

2. They are fast friends.

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3. He did a fast job.

4. fast的意思

4. He is a fast reader.


1. He made the wire fast to the metal ring.

fast 情景对话


A:Hey John, nice skates. Are they new?


B:Yeah, I just got them. I started playing ice hockey in a community league. So, I finally got myself new skates.


A:What position do you play?

B:I’m a defender. It’s a lot of fun. You don’t have to be able to skate as fast on defense.


A:Yeah, you’re a pretty big guy. I play goalie, myself.

B:Oh, yeah? Which team?

A:The Rockets.

B:Really? I think we play you guys next week. Well, I have to go to practice. See you later.


A:All right, see you later.

Learning English-(学英语)

A:Ralph, do me a favor, will you?


B:That all depends on what it is.

A:This is the proble, I'm still having trouble with my English.The instructor suggests that I ask an American to help me by telling me how he says the things I say which just aren't English.I wanted you to be the American.

B:What good'll it do?You never speak English unless you absolutely have to.I'll help you if you promise to speak noting but English all the time.


A:All right. Maybe I'll do that.It's the only way I'll be able to learn English fast enough, I guess.

fast 网络解释

1. 快速的:答(P):我们的方法是做大量的实验,快速发布并且不断进行改进. 我们尽早的(early),快速的(Fast)更新软件,并且认真收取用户的反馈. 问:优秀(Good)测试人员和卓越(Great)测试人员的区别是什么?

2. 法斯特:法斯特(fast)氧化锆研磨仪 是我公司08年推向市场的高端义齿加工设备,经过1年的推广在国内市场占有率是最高的,也已经出口到多个国外技工实验室. 产品的加工精度经过多家用户的验证完全达到德国,意大利进口设备的水平,

3. fast:functional assessment staging; 功能性评估量表

4. fast:fast access storage technology; 快速访问存储技术

5. fast:fully automated seamless travel; 全自动顺畅通行系统

fast 词典解释

1. 快的;迅速的
    Fast means happening, moving, or doing something at great speed. You also use fast in questions or statements about speed.

    e.g. ...fast cars with flashing lights and sirens...
    e.g. Brindley was known as a very, very fast driver...

2. 迅速地;立即
    You use fast to say that something happens without any delay.


    e.g. When you've got a crisis like this you need professional help — fast!...
    e.g. We'd appreciate your leaving as fast as possible.

3. (钟表)偏快的,走得快的
    If a watch or clock is fast, it is showing a time that is later than the real time.

    e.g. That clock's an hour fast.

4. 紧紧地;牢牢地;死死地
    If you hold something fast, you hold it tightly and firmly. If something is stuck fast, it is stuck very firmly and cannot move.


    e.g. She climbed the staircase cautiously, holding fast to the rail...
    e.g. The tanker is stuck fast on the rocks.

5. 坚定地;毫不动摇地
    If you hold fast to a principle or idea, or if you stand fast, you do not change your mind about it, even though people are trying to persuade you to.


    e.g. We can only try to hold fast to the age-old values of honesty, decency and concern for others...
    e.g. He told supporters to stand fast over the next few vital days.

6. (颜色或染料)不褪色的,不掉色的
    If colours or dyes are fast, they do not come out of the fabrics they are used on when they get wet.

    e.g. The fabric was ironed to make the colours fast.

7. 骄奢淫逸的;刺激而快乐的
    A fast way of life is one which involves a lot of enjoyable and expensive or dangerous activities.


    e.g. Life in Detroit no longer satisfied him; he wanted the fast life of California.

8. 斋戒;禁食;绝食
    If you fast, you eat no food for a period of time, usually for either religious or medical reasons, or as a protest.

    e.g. I fasted for a day and half and asked God to help me.

...the Muslim holy month of fasting and prayer.

9. 熟睡的;沉睡的
    Someone who is fast asleep is completely asleep.


    e.g. When he went upstairs five minutes later, she was fast asleep.

10. 玩猫腻;玩弄
      If you say that someone is playing fast and loose, you are expressing disapproval of them for behaving in a deceitful, immoral, or irresponsible way.

      e.g. There have been people who have played fast and loose with the rules.

11. 欺骗;哄骗;愚弄
      If you say that someone has pulled a fast one on you, you mean that they have cheated or tricked you.


      e.g. No doubt someone had pulled a fast one on her over a procedural matter.

12. to make a fast buck -> see buck
      fast lane -> see lane

fast 英英释义


1. abstaining from food

    Synonym: fasting


1. abstain from eating

    e.g. Before the medical exam, you must fast

2. abstain from certain foods, as for religious or medical reasons

    e.g. Catholics sometimes fast during Lent


1. (of a photographic lens or emulsion) causing a shortening of exposure time

    e.g. a fast lens

2. acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly

    e.g. fast film
           on the fast track in school
           set a fast pace
           a fast car

3. at a rapid tempo

    e.g. the band played a fast fox trot

4. (used of timepieces) indicating a time ahead of or later than the correct time

    e.g. my watch is fast

5. securely fixed in place

    e.g. the post was still firm after being hit by the car

    Synonym: firmimmobile

6. hurried and brief

    e.g. paid a flying visit
           took a flying glance at the book
           a quick inspection
           a fast visit

    Synonym: flyingquick

7. unrestrained by convention or morality

    e.g. Congreve draws a debauched aristocratic society
           deplorably dissipated and degraded
           riotous living
           fast women

    Synonym: debaucheddegeneratedegradeddissipateddissolutelibertineprofligateriotous

8. resistant to destruction or fading

    e.g. fast colors

9. (of surfaces) conducive to rapid speeds

    e.g. a fast road
           grass courts are faster than clay



1. quickly or rapidly (often used as a combining form)

    e.g. how fast can he get here?
           ran as fast as he could
           needs medical help fast
           fast-running rivers
           fast-breaking news
           fast-opening (or fast-closing) shutters

2. firmly or closely

    e.g. held fast to the rope
           her foot was stuck fast
           held tight

    Synonym: tight


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