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year [jɪə(r)]  [jɪr] 


year 基本解释


名词年; 年纪; 一年的期间; 某年级的学生

year 相关词组

1. year after year : 年复一年地, 年年, 每年;

2. for years : 多年以来, 好多年;

3. all the year round : 一年到头;

4. year in year out : 年复一年地, 始终, 不断地;

5. from year to year : 年年;


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year 相关例句

1. The weather is so good here that we can swim all (the) year round.


1. He's twenty years of age.

2. On January 1st, the New Year begins.

3. We haven't seen him this year.

4. She migrated to Australia years ago.

year 情景对话



A:When can you effect shipment? I'm terribly worried about late shipment.

B:We can effect shipment in December or early next year at the latest.

A:That's fine.

Study abroad-(留学)

A:What are you going to do for your year abroad, Tim?

B:Study study study! I want to learn a lot.

A:You’re going to take courses?

B:Yes, I’m going to take some university courses there.


A:Sounds hard.

B:Yes, but I think it’s probably for the best.


A:Won’t you get lonely?

B:Hey, I’m a pretty cool guy; I’ll make friends. And I’ll have a lot of extra-curricular activities too. You know, like fencing or theater or something.


A:How are your stocks doing, Jim?

B:Oh, all right. I lost a bunch of money in the last two years, but this year has been pretty good.


A:Yeah. I lost money investing in the Internet, too.

B:Just goes to show that you should buy companies, not ideas.


A:I changed my strategy around too. I invest in good companies now.

B:Yeah, me too. Did you hear about Frank?

A:No, what happened?


B:He lost his kids’ college money day trading.

A:Oh, boy. His wife can’t be happy about that.

year 网络解释

1. year的近义词

1. 年代:虽然资料似乎包括标题(title),作者(author),年代(year)等栏位,但因为GS并未提供该笔记录的标签资讯(metadata),所以汇入结果常常只有一个网址连结(URL).

2. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

2. year:yr; 年度

year 词典解释

1. 年;日历年
    A year is a period of twelve months or 365 or 366 days, beginning on the first of January and ending on the thirty-first of December.


    e.g. The year was 1840...
    e.g. We had an election last year.

2. 一年时间
    A year is any period of twelve months.

    e.g. The museums attract more than two and a half million visitors a year...
    e.g. She's done quite a bit of work this past year...

3. 年岁;年纪;年龄
    Year is used to refer to the age of a person. For example, if someone or something is twenty years old or twenty years of age, they have lived or existed for twenty years.


    e.g. He's 58 years old...
    e.g. I've been in trouble since I was eleven years of age...

4. 学年(英国和美国的学年从9月开始)
    A school year or academic year is the period of time in each twelve months when schools or universities are open and students are studying there. In Britain and the United States, the school year starts in September.


    e.g. ...the 1990/91 academic year...
    e.g. The twins didn't have to repeat their second year at school.

5. (某)年级学生
    You can refer to someone who is, for example, in their first year at school or university as a first year.

    e.g. The first years and second years got a choice of French, German and Spanish.

6. (财政)年度
    A financial or business year is an exact period of twelve months which businesses or institutions use as a basis for organizing their finances.


    e.g. He announced big tax increases for the next two financial years...
    e.g. The company admits it will make a loss for the year ending September.

7. 很久;很长时间
    You can use years to emphasize that you are referring to a long time.

    e.g. I haven' laughed so much in years...
    e.g. It took me years to fully recover...

8. (在某地或做某事的)年头,时期
    You can refer to the time you spend in a place or doing an activity as your years there or your years of doing that activity.

    e.g. The joy turned to tragedy during his years in Cyprus.
    e.g. ...his years as Director of the Manchester City Art Gallery.

9. see also: calendar year;fiscal year

10. 年年;每年
    If something happens year after year, it happens regularly every year.

    e.g. Regulars return year after year...
    e.g. You keep on amazing me, year after year, the same old ways.

11. 一年一年地;逐年
      If something changes year by year, it changes gradually each year.

      e.g. This problem has increased year by year...
      e.g. The department has been shrinking year by year because of budget cuts.

12. 年复一年地;年年
      If something happens year in ,year out, it happens every year without changing and is often boring.

      e.g. Year in, year out, nothing changes...
      e.g. With stockbroking it was the same thing, year in year out.

13. 他那样年纪的男子/她那样年纪的女子
      You can say a man of his years or a woman of her years to refer to that person's age in relation to something else you are talking about.

      e.g. He was moving with surprising speed for a man of his years...
      e.g. A young man of his years needed to have a separate room.

14. (经历或衣着)使显得年老,使觉得老迈
      If you say that something such as an experience or a way of dressing has put years on someone, you mean that it has made them look or feel much older.


      e.g. I always turn adversity and defeat into victories, but it's probably put ten years on me.

15. 一年到头;终年
      If you say something happens all year round or all the year round, it happens continually throughout the year.

      e.g. Town gardens are ideal because they produce flowers nearly all year round...
      e.g. Drinking and driving is a problem all the year round.

16. (经历或衣着)使显得年轻,使觉得年轻
      If you say that something such as an experience or a way of dressing has taken years off someone, you mean that it has made them look or feel much younger.

      e.g. Changing your hairstyle can take ten years off you.

17. donkey's years -> see donkey

year 英英释义


1. a body of students who graduate together

    e.g. the class of '97
           she was in my year at Hoehandle High

    Synonym: class

2. the period of time that it takes for a planet (as, e.g., Earth or Mars) to make a complete revolution around the sun

    e.g. a Martian year takes 687 of our days

3. a period of time containing 365 (or 366) days

    e.g. she is 4 years old
           in the year 1920

    Synonym: twelvemonthyr

4. a period of time occupying a regular part of a calendar year that is used for some particular activity

    e.g. a school year


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