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sit [sɪt]  [sit] 


sit 基本解释



不及物动词坐落; 处在; (在…中)任职; (议会、委员会、法庭等)开会


sit 同义词


动词perchsit downbe seated

sit 反义词




sit 相关词组

1. sit pretty : 处于极为有利的地位, (美)(非正式)成功, 过舒服的生活;


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sit 相关例句


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1. The minibus will sit ten people.


1. Parliament will sit in autumn.

2. Some old machines in the workshop sit idle.

3. The court sits next month.

4. sit的翻译

4. The city sits on a hill.

sit 情景对话


A:Is this seat empty?

B:Yes, and this one will be if you sit down.


A:Where would you prefer to sit?

B:I’d like to sit (in the front/ by the window/ in the smoking section).


A:Are you the loans-officer?


B:I certainly am. May I help you?

A:Yes. I'd like to make a loan.

B:Alright. Please sit down.

sit 网络解释

1. 坐下:窗户、沙发、长椅、台灯、钢琴今天给宝宝放的是first moves,宝宝的第一次移动,看着生动的画面,想着将来自己的宝宝也会经历爬行(crawl),起来(get up),站起来(stand up),走路( walk),拍手( clap),坐下( sit),触摸自己的鼻子(touch your nose),

2. 静电感应晶体管:晶体管 多晶硅发射极晶体管 NPN晶体管 PNP晶体管 共基极放大器 共发射极放大器 共集电极放大器 绝缘栅双极型晶体管(IGBT)门极关断(GTO)晶闸管电力晶体管(GTR) 静电感应晶闸管(SITH) 静电感应晶体管(SIT) 绝缘栅双极型晶体

3. sit什么意思

3. 斯洛文尼亚托拉尔:(PEN) 菲律宾比索(PHP) 巴基斯坦卢比(PKR) 波兰兹罗提(PLN) 卡塔尔里亚尔(QAR) 罗马尼亚列伊(RON) 塞尔维亚第纳尔(RSD) 俄国卢布(RUB) 沙特里亚尔(SAR) 瑞典克朗(SEK) 新加坡元(SGD) 斯洛文尼亚托拉尔(SIT) 斯洛伐克克朗(S

4. sit:static induction transistors; 静电感应晶体管

5. sit

5. sit:soybean isoflavone tablets; 大豆异黄酮片

6. sit是什么意思

6. sit:software integration test; 软件综合测试

7. sit:self induced transparency; 自感应透明

sit 词典解释

    If you are sitting somewhere, for example in a chair, your bottom is resting on the chair and the upper part of your body is upright.

    e.g. Mother was sitting in her chair in the kitchen...
    e.g. They sat there in shock and disbelief...

2. 就座;坐下
    When you sit somewhere, you lower your body until you are sitting on something.


    e.g. He set the cases against a wall and sat on them...
    e.g. Eva pulled over a chair and sat beside her husband...

3. 使坐下;使就座
    If you sit someone somewhere, you tell them to sit there or put them in a sitting position.

    e.g. He used to sit me on his lap...
    e.g. He'll sit you in front of his computer and give you a glimpse of the problem.

4. 坐着让人画像(或照相)
    If you sit for an artist or photographer, you place yourself in a sitting position so you can be painted or photographed.

    e.g. A person may well have been sitting for the artist for eight hours at a stretch.
           为了让画家给自己画像,一个人很有可能连续坐上 8 个钟头。

5. 参加(考试)
    If you sit an examination, you do it.

    e.g. June and July are the traditional months for sitting exams.
           6 月和 7 月是传统的考试月份。

in AM, use 美国英语用 take


7. 作为…的成员
    If you sit on a committee or other official group, you are a member of it.

    e.g. He was asked to sit on numerous committees...
    e.g. I know of no professional person who has ever sat on a jury...

8. (议会)开会;(法院)开庭
    When a parliament, legislature, court, or other official body sits, it officially carries out its work.


    e.g. Parliament sits for only 28 weeks out of 52...
           在一年 52 周当中只有 28 周是议会开会的时间。
    e.g. The court would sit all night.

9. 位于;坐落在
    If a building or object sits in a particular place, it is in that place.


    e.g. Our new house sat next to a stream...
    e.g. On the table sat a box decorated with little pearl triangles.

10. 代人临时照看小孩;当临时保姆
      To sit for someone means the same as to babysit for them.

      e.g. I've asked Mum to sit for us next Saturday.

11. see also: sitting

12. 呆在原处不动;不轻举妄动
      If you sit tight, you remain in the same place or situation and do not take any action, usually because you are waiting for something to happen.

      e.g. Sit tight. I'll be right back...
      e.g. Life would continue to be hard but if they sat tight and trusted him things would get better.

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