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each other [i:tʃ ˈʌðə(r]  [itʃ ˈʌðər] 

each other 基本解释



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each other 相关例句


1. They kissed each other.

each other 情景对话


A:I'm sorry to say that the price you quote is too high. It would be very difficult for us to push any sales if we buy it at this price.

B:well, if you take quality into consideration, you won't think our price is too high.

each other

A:Let's meet each other half way.


A:Hi, Don. Herb and Rose are hopeless!

B:Any ideas? Herb's already moved to Hsinchu.

A:I heard there's a romantic outdoor symphony concert in two weeks.

each other的解释

B:What? Get Herb to ask Rose for a date? Never in a million years.

A:No, no. I'll ask Rose.

each other什么意思

B:Oh, I see. And I'll ask Herb.

A:Precisely! And the four of us will accidentally meet each other at the concert.
      完全正确!而我们四个会在演奏会上“不期而遇” 。


A:Tell me about your family, Simon. Are you from a big family?

each other

B:No, my immediate family is quite small. There are only five of us. My parents, my younger brother and my younger sister. But my parents both come from large families.

A:How many people are in your extended family?

B:There are too many to count. I suppose, well over 100 people.


A:Do you get to see your family often?

B:I see my immediate family every weekend, and I see my extended family about once or twice a year.We usually see each other for Christmas, Easter, and other big celebrations, like weddings.

A:Have you ever been to a family reunion?

each other什么意思

B:Actually, I have been to one, but it wasn’t mine! It was one of my friends’. He didn’t want to be theonly boy there, so I went with him to keep him company. This was a long time ago, of course.

A:Are many of your relative divorced?


B:Let me think. I believe it’s just my one uncle. He’s always been a rebel. My grandmother was very religious, so most of my relatives were too scared to get divorced!

A:Do you have any relatives who are single mothers?

B:I have just one-her father is the one who got divorced. Their family is sort of the black sheep of our extended family.

each other 网络解释

1. each other

1. 互相:智胜 与...联盟 听其自然,不要去管 更不用说 与...一起 用类推的方法 一个接一个,接连地 最好还是,应该 在船(车,飞机)上 必定,一定 脱离,逃跑 one after another one another anything but 互相(each other) 除...以外任何事(物),

2. each other是什么意思

2. 互相(多用作宾语):dwell on 细想;详细讲述 | each other 互相(多用作宾语) | early and late 从早到晚

3. 相互:due to 由于,因为 | each other 相互 | earn one's living 谋生

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