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term [tɜ:m]  [tɜ:rm] 


term 基本解释

名词术语; 期限; 学期; 条款

及物动词把…称为; 把…叫做


term 相关词组

1. in the short term : 短期内;

2. in the long term : 长远地;

3. in terms of : 根据, 按照;

4. on speaking terms : 泛泛之交, 仅仅相识而已(与with连用);

5. on bad terms : 不和, 关系不好;

6. set a term to : 给...定限期, 对...加以限制;

7. at term : 到期;

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term 相关例句


1. His life may be termed happy.


1. Are there any examinations at the end of term?

2. They were sentenced to long terms in prison.

3. term的解释

3. There are three terms in a school year.

4. He was made captain of the football team for a term of one year.

term 网络解释

1. 术语:在一个分布式Erlang应用中,术语(term)节点(node)意味着一个可以加入分布式transactions的运行系统. 通过一个称为net kernal的特殊进程,一个独立的Erlang系统可以成为一个分布式Erlang系统的一部分. 当net kernal进程启动的时候,

2. 学期:第一个学期结束后,放假一周(学期(term)结束前会有考试,各科陆续考,成绩记入平时成绩,会发成绩单第二个学期结束,放假1个月,学期结束前有年中考试,与平时成绩结合,作为学期(semester)成绩.

term 词典解释

1. 在…方面;从…角度看;根据…来说
    If you talk about something in terms of something or in particular terms, you are specifying which aspect of it you are discussing or from what point of view you are considering it.

    e.g. Our goods compete in terms of product quality, reliability and above all variety...
    e.g. Paris has played a dominant role in France, not just in political terms but also in economic power.

2. 用…术语;用…语言;用…字眼
    If you say something in particular terms, you say it using a particular type or level of language or using language which clearly shows your attitude.


    e.g. The video explains in simple terms how the new tax works...
    e.g. The document is expressed in terms that are readily understood and agreed.

3. 术语;学科用语
    A term is a word or expression with a specific meaning, especially one which is used in relation to a particular subject.

    e.g. Myocardial infarction is the medical term for a heart attack.

4. 把…称作;把…叫作
    If you say that something is termed a particular thing, you mean that that is what people call it or that is their opinion of it.


    e.g. He had been termed a temporary employee...
    e.g. He termed the war a humanitarian nightmare.

5. 学期
    A term is one of the periods of time that a school, college, or university divides the year into.

    e.g. ...the summer term.
    e.g. ...the last day of term.

6. (政党、政府的)任期
    A term is a period of time between two elections during which a particular party or government is in power.

    e.g. Felipe Gonzalez won a fourth term of office in Spain's election.
           费利佩·冈萨雷斯在西班牙选举中获得第 4 次连任。

7. (工作、居住的)期间,期限
    A term is a period of time that someone spends doing a particular job or in a particular place.

    e.g. ...a 12 month term of service...
           为期 12 个月的任职期
    e.g. Offenders will be liable to a seven-year prison term.
           违犯者可判处 7 年监禁。

8. (合同、保险的)有效期
    A term is the period for which a legal contract or insurance policy is valid.

    e.g. Premiums are guaranteed throughout the term of the policy.

9. 怀孕期;足月;临产
    The term of a woman's pregnancy is the nine month period that it lasts. Term is also used to refer to the end of the nine month period.

    e.g. That makes her the first TV presenter to work the full term of her pregnancy...
    e.g. Women over 40 seem to be just as capable of carrying a baby to term as younger women.
           年过 40 的女性好像和年轻女性一样能够怀孕到足月。

10. (协议、条约等的)条款,条件
    The terms of an agreement, treaty, or other arrangement are the conditions that must be accepted by the people involved in it.

    e.g. ...the terms of the Helsinki agreement...
    e.g. Mayor Rendell imposed the new contract terms.

11. 勉强接受;向…让步;对…妥协
      If you come to terms with something difficult or unpleasant, you learn to accept and deal with it.


      e.g. She had come to terms with the fact that her husband would always be crippled.

12. 在平等的条件下;在相同的基础上
      If two people or groups compete on equal terms or on the same terms, neither of them has an advantage over the other.


      e.g. I had at last found a sport where I could compete on equal terms with able-bodied people...
      e.g. The focus was on women gaining access to work on the same terms as men.

13. 关系融洽;友好相处
      If two people are on good terms or on friendly terms, they are friendly with each other.

      e.g. Madeleine is on good terms with Sarah...
      e.g. We shook hands and parted on good terms.

14. 从长远来看/从短期来看/从中期来看
      You use the expressions in the long term ,in the short term, and in the medium term to talk about what will happen over a long period of time, over a short period of time, and over a medium period of time.


      e.g. The agreement should have very positive results in the long term...
      e.g. In the short term, chemical sprays are clearly an effective way to control pests...

15. 按照…的条件;根据…的意见
      If you do something on your terms, you do it under conditions that you decide because you are in a position of power.

      e.g. They will sign the union treaty only on their terms.

16. 正在考虑,正在打算(做某事)
      If you say that you are thinking in terms of doing a particular thing, you mean that you are considering it.


      e.g. United should be thinking in terms of winning the European Cup...
      e.g. She was thinking in terms of a career.

17. a contradiction in terms -> see contradiction
      in no uncertain terms -> see uncertain
      in real terms -> see real
      on speaking terms -> see speak

term 英英释义



1. (architecture) a statue or a human bust or an animal carved out of the top of a square pillar
    originally used as a boundary marker in ancient Rome

    Synonym: terminusterminal figure

2. any distinct quantity contained in a polynomial

    e.g. the general term of an algebraic equation of the n-th degree

3. a word or expression used for some particular thing

    e.g. he learned many medical terms

4. one of the substantive phrases in a logical proposition

    e.g. the major term of a syllogism must occur twice

5. (usually plural) a statement of what is required as part of an agreement

    e.g. the contract set out the conditions of the lease
           the terms of the treaty were generous

    Synonym: condition

6. a limited period of time

    e.g. a prison term
           he left school before the end of term

7. the end of gestation or point at which birth is imminent

    e.g. a healthy baby born at full term

    Synonym: full term


1. name formally or designate with a term


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