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a lot (of)是什么意思,a lot (of)在线翻译,a lot (of)什么意思,a lot (of)音标,a lot (of)怎么读

a lot (of)

a lot (of) 双语例句

1. I realize that a lot of man wholly adjust China very curiously, Reason that probably is for Chinese history age-old, I to Canada also very curiously, For what I can tell, There are a lot of China returneds students in Canada.

2. a lot (of)什么意思

2. I used to do a lot of private lessons, but my touring schedule does not really allow me to do that anymore.

3. a lot (of)的近义词

3. You didn't give me a lot of time.

4. A lot of people are talking about a Facebook app that lets you solicit anonymous feedback from people who know you.

5. We have a lot of products of stock.

6. There have been a lot of questions about 1.24 and DotA, so I'm going to take the time here to answer them.

7. We got to spend a lot of time together.

8. This may take a lot of time and be error-prone.

9. We met a lot of problems in the process of the work.

10. A lot of transverse and longitudinal cracks appear in the concrete cofferdam in course of the excavation of the basis of the unit No.4 in E'tan hydropower station.

11. He would be making a lot of money now.

12. We play skyscraping annulus first, skyscraping annulus can reach very tall place, we play corsair later, corsair left and right sides shakes special stimulation, we still have go playing very resemble rotating the You Le establishment of coffee cup, establishment of this You Le is very amused, if did not help good armrest up to be able to slip all the time, will slip, this I feel very interesting, we still have go playing imperial crown swing, establishment of this one You Le won't be very exciting, when rotating, have slightly wind is blown, this feeling seems to blowing fanner, nevertheless, the fanner of its nature, besides this a few swim interestingly again amusedly outside happy establishment, still have a lot of amused You Le establishment!

13. You will have the feeling that you have eliminated a lot of clutter from your programs--and you will have.

14. a lot (of)

14. Suzhou, a set of Roman tile trimming Min Hui stone slabs on a bold series of stainless steel for waist, giving the already bright shiny toilets have added a lot of dazzling brilliance.

15. a lot (of)

15. It is possible and safe to drain a lot of hydropericardium by pericardiocentesis and indwelling catheter.

16. You are getting a lot of churn from all that car passage.

17. a lot (of)的意思

17. Guangxi is also a province that attracts a lot of tourism, as it has lots of beautiful landscapes...

18. A lot of things, though ordinary, will hint obliquely at out the different feeling in different persons'eyes.

19. Quality of the natural ecological environment to enable access to the sea was a lot of winning.

20. 911查询·英语单词

20. There were foundations, wide ducks; wide gooses; and a lot of big fishes in the lake, came in being the sight of ducks; gooses swam on surrface, crawd of fishes swam under the water.

a lot (of) 单语例句

1. Tianjin expats are a busy lot in one of China's largest cities and hold a variety of events to entertain themselves.

2. But a lot of Chinese people buy into such tricks, which may partly explain why so many Chinese brands have adopted foreign names.

3. The store owner admits there is still no buyer for the number, although many people - especially business people - have shown a lot of interest.

4. He read a lot of books to learn how to look after it and later spent most of his pocket money on buying more beetles.

5. If the seed looks more like a spoon then winter is going to have a lot of snow and involve a good deal of shoveling.

6. Nicole Richie has caught a lot of flack for her skinny frame, but now she's being targeted by animal rights organization PETA for putting on fur.

7. A HK $ 100 billion windfall is a lot of money by any standard.

8. Air attendants wearing traditional costumes specially designed for the charter flights, tried to create a festive atmosphere by preparing a lot of decorations in the cabin.

9. Calyx House is currently in the middle of a comprehensive renovation process, with construction of a large parking lot and toilets already having been completed.

10. " You never know how far somebody can get but he has a lot of potential, " Cabrera said.

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