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see the doctor

see the doctor 双语例句

1. see the doctor的意思

1. He said there against what you body does not check, I said no, but also examined to what he says I have inflammation, inflammation cured first, he said that after eating drugs, he said that if a That is to say that he has the drugs, three or four hundred a day of flowers, may be the last so that we did not think that he said it was not only so small, he said you are not urgent, it is checked in, there is no problem I do not want the door just started looking at that, may I wish it did not matter how much money to spend, the most important to bear in the end, I insist on seeing it on the door, who can think, what a day of high consumption, could eventually I have not pregnant, and now there is no way I am the door, if the doctor does not say that I am able to eat that bad on the quasi-drugs, we do not get the drug of interest, in order to buy this kind of inter-provincial, I Internet search portal, we hope to see.

2. The doctor can only see two-dimentional picture, can't observe the threedimensional model.

3. Althea: I was there when she came to see the doctor yesterday.

4. You look bad, you'd bettet go to see the doctor.

5. Already at the age of twenty-five you see the professional mannerism settling down on the young commercial traveller, on the young doctor, on the young minister, on the young counsellor-at-law.

6. see the doctor

6. If so, we should see a doctor as soon as possible the.

7. The best thing to do if you have genital warts is to see your doctor.

8. The little cat wants to earn some money from POJ, and try to persuade his mother to see the doctor: Input Two strings with lowercase letters on two of the input lines individually.
    小猫想要赚得来自 POJ 的一些钱,而且试着劝他的母亲看医生输入二线用在输入中的二上的小写字母个别地排成一行。

9. danci.911cha.com

9. When you see your doctor for blood-test results, the lab report may have itemised these two types and perhaps also given a ratio of your total cholesterol to HDL.

10. You looked not so well, you should see the doctor at onece

11. see the doctor在线翻译

11. Why not see the doctor — or, more accurately, the nurse practitioner or physician's assistant — while you're at it?

12. When you see the doctor, he will pass you a little book.

13. Do not worry, my stomach when seven people are very surprised to see me have asked me soon gave birth to it, or is not two, ah, do I really depressed, each color of amniotic fluid and the children do doctors What is not said is the first major point, all other standards, I still gave birth to one month, or in the belly of the long non-stop it, do not worry too much, check what time the doctor did not say not to worry Some are pre-pregnant pregnant after some post-caring is not easy to see that belly!

14. I'm going to the doctor and see if I'm ready...

15. If I were you, I'd go and see the doctor.

16. Can serve a number of casual or MAMIAI Jianpi, if the number of stool excessive diarrhea can also be served at some of smecta, but under the guidance of the doctors to avoid excessive cause constipation, usually after the baby should pay attention to add complementary from time to time to give him some feed and promote digestion of food, such as the use of Chinese yam, lotus seed four of God stewed spareribs to baby Steaming soup to cook noodles or something, on the baby`s spleen and a lot of good, I think the best way still good to see a doctor, or to be a stool test to rule out the possibility of bacteria, virus infection, baby dyspepsia long easily affect the growth and development, and the impact is very obvious.

17. If you do not feel very well, you must see the doctor.

18. Now due to time reasons, more should be said that because the doctor diagnose and treat a friend's teeth are now up, and very uncomfortable, when he went to the hospital to see doctors when the diagnosis is of teeth and dental materials separately, and the doctor's advice friends also go to his doctor who fill a tooth, so that part of the cost savings and, more importantly, the original doctor is more understanding of the situation.

19. I do not think the fire, is your son`s tears line barrier inflammation caused by tear-line, you should go to see the doctor, because I am in it less convenient怎么样做tell you, my son was born a few days after the beginning眼屎, and I also thought it was lit fires honeysuckle drink has been exposed, I also drank fire things may still not work, and later, after seeing their doctor to know that this is matter how good you regret If early enough to see, you do not miss the.

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20. Queen who retires, my retirement pension is adjusted several time only when going by more than 300 yuan, is is 600 yuan now, I have a badly-diseased heart, get along relying on that meagre income, every one mark need to accurate count, We are difficult to see a doctor, the housing is difficult because of various price makes on the marketplace all in ceaseless going up, ins and outs in family all requires that I come to be shouldering, ask the difficult task think such about to be whom assuming being what big responsibility, the back paying on a old people there be to be able to know?

see the doctor 单语例句

see the doctor的近义词

1. Yao had to force his father to see a doctor, spending all the borrowed money meant for his tuition to ease his pain.

2. One of the boys died before it could see a doctor, while the other was stabilized after receiving medical treatment.

3. But the habit led to frequent pain in her neck and following the latest instance, she had to see a doctor.

4. These figures reveal the bitter fact that many rural people who fall ill cannot afford to see a doctor.

5. " All four members of my family see the same doctor, " Wang said.

6. The municipal health bureau asked those who took the lines during those periods to see a doctor if they felt a fever or respiratory problems.

7. She wouldn't even go to see the doctor when she was ill as she believed her faith would heal her.

8. I had to see a doctor, and the best and inexpensive way was to visit the university health center.

9. But many residents still refuse to see a doctor, leading the CEO to believe lack of health education is to blame.

10. The girl was taken to see a doctor at a hospital after she developed a fever and started vomiting on April 27.

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