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China ['tʃaɪnə]  [ˈtʃaɪnə] 

China 基本解释


名词中国; [电影]中国1971

[地名] [墨西哥] 奇纳; [地名] [俄罗斯] 奇纳河; [地名] [美国] 柴纳

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China 相关例句


1. China的近义词

1. Please put the china away carefully.

China 情景对话


A:Hello, Air China Flight Reservations. May I help you?

B:Yes. Have you got any seats left on the 10th at 7:30 a.m. to HongKong?


A:Yes, we have. For how many?

B:Please keep two for us to pick up.


A:Would you prefer a window, aside or enter seat?

B:Window, please.



Shopping on the Internet-(网上购物)


B:I really want to go to China for vacation, but I can’t find a cheap plane ticket.

A:Have you tried the Internet?


B:No, not yet. Can you find a good price there?

A:Wow, you really live in the Stone Age, Mom.

B:Well, you don’t have to be mean. How do I do it?

A:Go to yahoo.com and click on “Travel” and “Tickets.” They’ll be about a billion sites to look at.
      上雅虎网站,点击“旅游”和 “车票”。就有成千上万的网站供你查找的。


B:O.K. Thanks. I’ll let you know what I find.

A:All right.

B:I’ll look for a ticket for you, too. Thanks.


A:I would like to open an account.


B:A deposit account or a current account?

A:Er, I am not sure. You see, I have monthly remittances sent to me from China and I would like to have the money paid into an account.

B:Then you’d better open a current account. The bank will give you a cheque book and you can take money out when you like.

A:Fine. What do I have to do?


B:Just fill in this form. Do you have any means of identification on you?


A:Will my passport do?


China 网络解释

1. 中华人民共和国:在中华人民共和国 (China)的地点寻找中华人民共和国 (China)的酒店?我们提供中华人民共和国 (China)各城市的酒店订房服务. 请选择以下目的地,我们提供平价至豪华级的酒店,选择多样化.

2. 中国大陆:中央政府各机关派赴大陆地区出差人员生活费日支数额及行政院国家科学委员会补助国内专家学者出席国际学术会议机票费金额表(生活费:90年11月1日)(机票费:90年11月7日)地区(国家或城市或其他)日支数额(美元)机票费金额(新台币)中国大陆(China)北京(Beijing)20725,

3. china:chinadotcom; 中华网

China 双语例句

1. I realize that a lot of man wholly adjust China very curiously, Reason that probably is for Chinese history age-old, I to Canada also very curiously, For what I can tell, There are a lot of China returneds students in Canada.

2. The notice of real estate registration system is a sort of creditor`s right with intense character of property right, and the system of China features its administrative property.

3. At the present, china's export influenced by the financial crisis, the low power, high-value-added products ofwhich the proportion of international trade will comtinue to expand, which will be the direction of china's ecomomic transformation.

4. Opium War broke the communication's barrier between China and western countries.

5. Young Chinese, China's responsibility.

6. China的反义词

6. It means Hello, welcome you to China, and welcome to Beijing, I also welcome you!

7. Welcome to China, Welcome to beijing.

8. China's Shenzhen City, Guangdong Phuket. Sakata.

9. The Qiaoxiahala deposit can set an example for the research on iron deposits correlated to picrite, and is also the first iron deposit related to picrite which has been reported in China.

10. 911查询·英语单词

10. BNi-2 brazing filler metal is widely used to braze heat-resistant alloy s by most enterprises recently in China.

11. China's foreign policy is independent and truly non-aligned.

12. China

12. Why be the United States, England, the place that includes Singapore to wait inside even is done well electronic government affairs, can you be in China go out of form of a few places, degenerative?

13. Draught animals were the chief means of transport in Xinjiang prior to the founding of New China.

14. Chongqing is rainier than many other cities in China.

15. danci.911cha.com

15. Peasant households sideline occupation economy always plays an important part in China which takes small farmers as main, in the period of Republic Of China, it plays an even greater function in the queasy country society.

16. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

16. Peasant household's sideline occupation economy always plays an important part in China which takes small farmers as main, in the period of Republic Of China, it plays an even greater function in the queasy country society.

17. The paper takes the social economy change of the district village as a research subject, drawing lessons from and making use of sociological methods, historical methods, economical methods and various ways and means, also gives attention on both sides of scientific views of development and modernization theories. It makes an investigation on all the general situation, types, characteristics, reasons of the peasant household's sideline occupation economy of Longyan country in republic of China, probes into it's influence to the country's society and economy development at that time and the apocalypse to today's country's economy development in west of Fujian.

18. China Textile Industrial Engineering Institute, Beijing, 100037, China

19. China

19. Department of Radiology, Xijing Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University, Xi, an 710032, China

20. How long have you been in china?

China 词典解释

1. 瓷;瓷料
    China is a hard white substance made from clay. It is used to make things such as cups, bowls, plates, and ornaments.

    e.g. ...a small boat made of china.
    e.g. ...china cups.

2. 瓷器;瓷制品
    Cups, bowls, plates, and ornaments made of china are referred to as china .

    e.g. Judy collects blue and white china.

3. a bull in a china shop -> see bull

China 单语例句


1. Business is now sometimes done with private Chinese oil companies instead of the China Oil Ministry.

2. This is despite concern in China that Ye has neither set foot in the media operation nor done business overseas.

3. It said Major has done an outstanding job managing the China business over the past five years.

4. China and its neighbours have become a significant global force in business and economics.

5. The author is deputy director of the China Institute for WTO Studies at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

6. The employment promotion fund should be used with better efficiency, says an article in China Business Times.

7. Yet China still pins a great deal of its hope to economic growth to further its development across the board.

8. He said the company will accelerate the pace of developing the GSM business, in which China Unicom had 128 million users by the end of last month.

9. A British business delegation led by Mandelson are scheduled to visit China at the end of April.

10. What now makes him proud and excited is developing the business in China, a land where he saw " opportunities and future " for Wall Street English.


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