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boys and girls是什么意思,boys and girls在线翻译,boys and girls什么意思,boys and girls音标,boys and girls怎么读

boys and girls

boys and girls 双语例句

1. At that time, girls and boys are in the season of love.

2. boys and girls的解释

2. I have adream that one day down in Alabama with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification, one day right down in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

3. boys and girls的近义词

3. My impression from the sophomore class from the girls have boyfriends on without exception, are found outside of class or school, and only half of boys in a girlfriend.

4. Hyperkinesia, division and depression, bluedevils and aggresive were common among boys; against discipline, division and constraint and other problems were common among girls.

5. This is a boys and girls'school.

6. Girls had more positive school self-confidence than boys and boys'physical self-confidence was significantly higher than girls. There were differences of school self-confidence among different grades. Second-year students'school self-confidence was the highest, and first-year students'was the lowest one.2.All the self-confidence dimensionality of students were negatively correlated with their student relations besetment.

7. Breaking up the girls and boys, the boys said, we must face the reality, the marriage of a woman, Toutai is the second time, I must Zhualao every opportunity, you too poor, I unimaginable combination of our days …… Girls to boys in France, sold newspapers, 干过temporary workers, did little trading, each of the work he has to do it.

8. Results With 100 g of pressure, the main wave crests on the 3 area cun, guan and chi of boys were higher than that of girls, but the wave crest in guan pulse was highest in both boys and girls, t...

9. boys and girls的解释

9. More importantly, it was arranged as a competition between boys and girls.

10. 911查询·英语单词

10. He said girls in one Dakar school told him about a lack of bathrooms and textbooks for them, and bullying from boys.

11. Ah-Li, the girls are pretty as clear water, and the boys are strong as high mountain.
      舞 意:看那阿里山姑娘美如水,少年壮如山,阿里山的少女歌声更是嘹喨

12. Nearly 70 percent of teen girls and 66 percent of boys had received instruction on methods of birth control.
      近70%的年轻女孩和 66%的男孩称曾接受过避孕指导。

13. The study, by University of Otago associate professor Elaine Reese and researcher Gabriel Trionfi, investigated the language skills of 48 boys and girls aged 5-1/2, of whom 23 had imaginary, or invisible, friends.

14. boys and girls的翻译

14. All proceeds of the sale to the Boys and Girls Club...

15. Will be donating all proceeds of the sale to the Boys and Girls Club...

16. boys and girls在线翻译

16. This pressure affects a lot of men and women and, increasingly, boys and girls.

17. Boys and girls are segregated in the school.

18. boys and girls什么意思

18. Boys and girls are segregated in this school.

19. 911查询·英语单词

19. Gemini girls are girls do not miss the chance, and the courage to try this with Gemini itself with the odd tricky and quick response to a great relationship, the two-children have a strong feeling of change, as circumstances vary, She's mind at any time there is a lot of the wicked idea felt good when the boys out of seven eight-meat dish, so that the rise of men like her desire to conquer.

20. Likewise, there are not-so admirable questions or not so correct views expressed by both boys and girls.

boys and girls 单语例句

boys and girls的近义词

1. Experts researching on how gender affects learning have found that boys and girls are different by nature and they learn in different ways.

2. The campfire crackled in the grand village hall, and young Mosuo girls and boys in festive costumes sang and danced with the tourists.

3. " Our children cannot compare to the boys and girls of Chengdu, " she says.

4. Young boys and girls who had never met before could relax themselves in such a circumstance.

5. In a recent study by Keele University, 64% of boys and 70% of girls said they enjoy music lessons as a class.

6. In China boys catch up with and even outperform girls after they enter college.

7. The young boys and girls read the oath of the adulthood ceremony in unison and saluted the statue of Confucius.

8. They sampled from lists provided by the Correctional Service Department, boys'or girls'homes of the Social Welfare Department and the five social service groups.

9. Many girls are better at memorization than boys, but not so good at creative and practical thinking as boys.

10. Three girls and nine boys were crowned the " nation's top university students of 2008 " yesterday at an award ceremony in Beijing.

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